A Letter Albert Einstein Wrote for a Time-Capsule in 1939 PERFECTLY Describes The Reality We Live In Today!


“…The development of this world of thought is in a certain sense a continuous flight from wonder.

A wonder of this kind I experienced as a child of four or five years when my father showed me a compass. That this needle behaved in such a determined way did not at all fit in the kind of occurrences that could find a place in the unconscious world of concepts (efficacy produced by direct “touch”). I can still remember — or at least believe I can remember — that this experience made a deep and lasting impression upon me. Something deeply hidden had to be behind things.”

Albert Einstein describes his first touch with the immerseful mystery which is all around us. He describes his first urge to dive into the unknown forces of The Universe and explore, discover and invent.

Each of us has been introduced to this urge.

That’s how the world advances, that’s how we develop new technologies and master sciences.

However, for many of us this forward acceleration into new inventions is scary.

We live in fear of our self doubt and the global doubt of humanity.

And Einstein clearly explains why is that in this letter he wrote for the 1939 World’s Fair time-capsule, (March 14, 1879–April 18, 1955)

“Our time is rich in inventive minds, the inventions of which could facilitate our lives considerably. We are crossing the seas by power and utilize power also in order to relieve humanity from all tiring muscular work. We have learned to fly and we are able to send messages and news without any difficulty over the entire world through electric waves.

However, the production and distribution of commodities is entirely unorganized so that everybody must live in fear of being eliminated from the economic cycle, in this way suffering for the want of everything. Furthermore, people living in different countries kill each other at irregular time intervals, so that also for this reason anyone who thinks about the future must live in fear and terror. This is due to the fact that the intelligence and character of the masses are incomparably lower than the intelligence and character of the few who produce something valuable for the community.

Global PointsI trust that posterity will read these statements with a feeling of proud and justified superiority.” – Albert Einstein


Source: The letter was taken from https://www.brainpickings.org

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