DISCOVER What Kind of Zodiac Sign SUPERPOWERS You Possess!


We all want superpowers, don’t we?

What if I tell you that we all have a superpower hidden inside of us and its essence liesĀ in ourĀ zodiac signs?

Based on your Zodiac Sign you posses a certain superpower.

These zodiac superpowers are of course, a symbolical reminder of what you really possess as a special talent based on your Zodiac Sign.

So, let’s say your superpower is to slow down time in order to fight at an incredible speed, making it impossible for someone to hit or shoot you. While you cannot in fact SLOW DOWN time the symbolism describes that your REAL superpower is to EFFICIENTLY use your time and FOCUS it towards accomplishing your goals.

For someone else you would seem like you can really slow down time when they observe the accuracy with which you accomplish goals and dodge problems.

Another thing you will notice is that each Zodiac Sign has a HERO aspect and a VILLAIN aspect. But if you really pay attention you will notice that the superpowers of both aspects are kinda similar. This is because the essenceĀ of the superpowers is the same.

The difference between the HERO and the VILLAIN is in how they developed the essence.

Try to understand what the superpowers mean to you personally. I guarantee that you’ll find a deep meaning and truth in your Zodiac Sign’s Superpower.


Aries1 Aries - SUPERPOWERS

Hero – Bullet Time

You can slow down time in order to fight at an incredible speed, making it impossible to hit or shoot you.


Villain – Invulnerability

You are impervious to any harm, requiring extreme measures in order to hurt you.



The Aries Monster



Taurus2 Taurus - SUPERPOWERS

Hero – Atmokinesis

You can control the weather, allowing you to control many aspects of Nature itself.


Villain – Seismic Power

You have the ability to create seismic shocks or earthquakes at will.


Monster:The Taurus Monster



Gemini3 Gemini - SUPERPOWERS

Hero – Intangibility

You have the power to be impossible to perceive by any of the senses.


Villain – Molecular Dissipation

You can make any object vanish into thin air and absorb its energy.


Monster:The Gemini Monster



Cancer4 Cancer - SUPERPOWERS

Hero – Clairvoyance

You have the ability to perceive events that are taking place elsewhere or sense places that are not in view.


Villain – Summoning

You can call animals, creatures, or otherworldly beings for assistance.


Monster:The Cancer Monster




Hero – Danger Sense

You are aware of approaching danger before it reviles itself.


Villain – Probability Manipulation

You have the power to alter the outcomes of things that require luck or the occurrence of unusual phenomena.


Monster:The Leo Monster



Virgo6 Virgo - SUPERPOWERS

Hero – Force Fields

You can create transparent or invisible shields as a method of protection.


Villain – Banishing

You can send a person somewhere else, usually to trap them or keep them away.


Monster:The Virgo Monster



Libra7 Libra - SUPERPOWERS

Hero – Orbing

You have the ability to teleport from place to place with magical orbs surrounding you.


Villain – Omnilingualism

You can decipher any known language and learn any being’s language, alien included, through physical touch.


Monster:The Libra Monster



Scorpio8 Scorpio - SUPERPOWERS

Hero – Umbrakinesis

You can mentally repulse photons to create shadow or darkness and move objects via shadow.


Villain – Possession

You are able to take control of the body and mind of someone else, temporarily leaving your own body for theirs.


Monster:The Scorpio Monster



Sagittarius9 Sagittarius - SUPERPOWERS

Hero – Cross-Dimensional Travel

You have the ability to travel through any alternate dimension.


Villain – Molecular Combustion

You are able to speed up molecules, basically in order to blow things up.


Monster:The Sagittarius Monster



Capricorn10 Capricorn - SUPERPOWERS

Hero – Cryokinesis

You can reduce the kinetic energy of atoms in order to lower temperature. This is often used to control, generate, or absorb ice.


Villain – Grim Reaping

You have the ability to kill or mortally wound someone through touch.


Monster:The Capricorn Monster



Aquarius11 Aquarius - SUPERPOWERS

Hero – Portal Creation

You have the power to create wormholes in time and space.


Villain – Phasing

You have the ability to pass through solid objects.



Monster:The Aquarius Monster



Pisces12 Pisces - SUPERPOWERS

Hero – Wishing

You have the ability to wish for anything and that wish comes true.


Villain – Reality Warping

This gives you the ability to change and mold reality itself.


Monster:The Pisces Monster

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