People Say that They’ll NEVER Love so Foolishly Again After Reading THIS! – The 4 Elements of TRUE LOVE!


Loving someone is usually presented in the “old fashioned” romantic way.

From movies to books, cartoons, songs and stories, love means to be romantically attracted to someone.

In many ways, this kind of love is presented by desperately needing the other person. Or, even saving the other person from some “evil” villain or simply, themselves.

But, intentionally or not, the way LOVE is presented to the world is SO FREAKING WRONG! The REAL ooooold fashioned way is something else ENTIRELY!


Let’s clear something out first.

What we feel for one another is affection.

The so called desperate need to be with someone is just a shadow of your unknown desperately trying to teach you to love yourself. What is attracting you in the other person is a quality you fail to discover in yourself.

We usually mistake this for LOVE because in a way, it is love. But not love towards someone else but towards the missing part we desperately search in ourselves. And the closer you come to yourself the more love you feel.


Because YOU are LOVE!

The “evil” villain we usually see in movies and books is a projection of the shadows which are not letting you discover this missing part in yourself.


Now, don’t get me wrong.

This doesn’t mean that loving someone else is wrong.

That is NOT EVEN CLOSE to what I am trying to say.

However, before we start truly sharing a life with someone else first we need to become WHOLE again. We need to learn how to love ourselves.

Your partner is not your missing part. They are another WHOLE just like YOU. And it takes 2 wholes of love to increase the level of LOVE.

If they are just pieces completing each other, they will never experience what it means to love another whole. They will simply be in love with themselves having an illusion of loving someone else.

This kind of love is anything but freedom.


The 3 kinds of LOVE:

The Universe is Love. It is a product of the contact of LIGHT and DARKNESS. The WHOLE they have created together.

YOU are Love. You are a being created by the contact of your FATHER and MOTHER. The WHOLE they have created together.

But if everything around you is love and you are love than why the hell it is so hard for us to see this love? Why is it so hard to learn how to love one another?

The answer is simple.

Because we grow consciousness.

In the midst of this unknown we grow consciousness. We need to learn how things work, why, we are like babies. There are MANY things we just assume because we simply have to, so we can survive.

These assumptions are like dark spots in our consciousness. We create figures, and shadows, and philosophies that help us make sense of this unknown we were born into.

We fail to see the love, simply, because we are too close to the “picture”.

The distortions of what we are, are presented as shadows, as our own demons that turn us against each other.

However, once you start facing your own demons you are shining your light upon those shadows and we all know what happens when you shine light upon a shadow, don’t we?

Becoming whole again is a way of tuning yourself back to the REAL you, to the LOVE you actually are. And living through it.

This enables you to see the love that surrounds you.


TRUE LOVE is the 3rd kind of LOVE.

Once you start being love you are whole. And once you are whole your journey begins. The journey of your TRUE purpose, whatever that is.

You’ll see that along this journey there will be many people who follow the same cause as you. One of these people may be your REAL partner, the person with which you’ll share your life following something greater than both of you.

That’s when you’ll feel TRUE LOVE buddy.

Your real partner is not someone that makes you whole, but someone that makes you better than your whole, better than you could have ever imagined to be by yourself.

And you make them better than themselves too. Both of you are better WHOLES together because of some alchemy, and you 2 create a new “element” that never existed before.

By being together even the purpose you are both following becomes surpassed, improved.

You 2 are the embodiment of The Universe falling in love with itself mutually creating a force stronger than the 3 of you.



These are The 4 Elements of True Love:




When you are love, you live with kindness. This is the quality of being friendly, considerate and generous.

You don’t have a “scoreboard” to tell you who deserves your kindness and who doesn’t.

You are kind because that’s who you are, you are love.



The ability to make someone happy, to spread happiness and laughter.

If someone makes you cry every second day, that’s not true love. If someone makes you suffer that’s not true love.

In order to live with joy you need to find inner peace. You spread joy not for anything else but for the same reason an apple tree gives apples.



You understand that everything is connected to everything else. In a way, everything is a part of the giant whole we make together.

Compassion is the ability to have concern for the feelings of others. To share the pain, to share the pleasures, to honor the greater whole you and the others are a part of.

When you become whole you understand that in the grand picture you are also a part of another whole. You are like a complete, stable atom connected with other atoms to create an organism with molecules.



Equanimity is the quality of mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper.

When you defeat your demons there is an inner peace you find in the midst of the storm. You face the thing you’ve been running away from the most which is usually a suppressed emotion, and you bath in it.

After this, you are free, you are not running from anything anymore. In the worst and in the best you know who you really are. This gives you an inner peace you spread with everyone around you.Spirit Points