Forget about Free Will! – THIS Life Hack will Give You ULTIMATE FREEDOM!


It’s a daunting question – “do we have free will?”

Knowing that everything follows a certain set of physical rules it is quite a possible theory to take in consideration that everything is already predetermined, like a set of dominos creating a domino effect.

The only thing we lack is a powerful enough computer to calculate all the variables and we can have our own artificially created Nostradamus telling us the future.

However, there is something a lot of scientists forget to put inside this equation. Even we forget it sometimes. It is a crucial element. And I believe exactly this is the prove that there is actually free will and the future is yet to be written: YOU!


The Element of YOUThe Element of YOU

There is something between the physical and the spiritual, between the mental and the emotional, and that’s YOU.

The infinite and eternal observer who mediates between worlds. It’s the wildcard.

It can rise above the physical rules and spiritual laws, above the mental patterns and the emotional flows, and CHOOSE.

Because of this element we have free will, the ability to come into the now and actually make a change, to choose our path and rearrange the dominos.

The ability to choose it’s our greatest SUPERPOWER! However, in order to acquire it we need to be aware. We need to know ourselves, all of ourselves, the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspect of ourselves.

That’s why I want you to forget about free will for a moment. Leave it for the philosophers to ponder about. I am going to give you:


a Life Hack that will give you ULTIMATE FREEDOM to use your free will!A life hack that will give you ULTIMATE FREEDOM

On a scale from 1 to complete control how would you rate the control you have over all of your actions?

What if I tell you that you are puppeted? And no, not by an evil mastermind on a quest to control the world. No, it’s simpler than that. YOU are controlled by your habits.


If you don’t believe me let me ask you 2 questions.Why are you not living the life you want to live

1 – What is one thing that if you did every day for an entire year, your life would – without a shadow of a doubt – be much better for?

2 – Now, why aren’t you doing that thing?

The answer is that our habits, usually created in childhood, channel all of our attention down a predetermined path.

You must understand something. Even though there is a part of you which is infinite, a big part of you is finite. You have a finite amount of time to live your life and it is completely up to you of what you’re going to make of it.

It is in the realization of this that true awareness comes. However, as fast as it comes as fast it leaves and the next day you see yourself walking the same loop that doesn’t make your dreams more of a reality.


When the awareness comes it is crucial to be also aware of the fact that the same awareness will quickly leave you.Becoming self aware

1 – Write on a piece of paper everything you are fooling yourself that you’ll remember later. Create something, a trigger that will constantly remind you to become aware.

2 – After you place this trigger in a place you’ll see it, think about your dream. REALLY think about it. Think about everything that you would want to be, do, feel, think about what you’ll think. Create as clear picture as you can of your dream.

3 – Now, it is easier to reverse engineer your dream with a clear picture in front of you. Start thinking backwards. Think backwards until you reach your present moment. Write down every checkpoint and goal you’ll have to reach.

4 – Having your goals in front of you it is easier to design your habits. If you need to start working out manage your time to have 1 hour 3 to 4 days per week for it, or if you want to be a blogger start learning the language, start training writing…

5 – This is the tricky part. After you know the habits you need to implement to set yourself on a course towards your dream, it is time to implement them. And implementing them means taking action. And taking action is where most people fail.


That’s why I’ll give you a BONUS Hack specially designed for this fifth step!Get an Accaountability Partner

Get yourself an “accountability partner” for an amount that would be significantly painful to lose. And give it to them.

You would text them every day saying you have completed your goal (of course, no lying because you’ll be only lying yourself) and if they do not get a text one day, they cash the cheque.

Having something to lose, physical thing with value, like money, will give you a different kind of motivation. And after 20 days, or a month, of doing what you need to do your new habits will be successfully implemented and a part of your lifestyle.


ConclusionForget about Free Will! THIS Life Hack will Give You ULTIMATE FREEDOM!

I don’t know you. I don’t know what you want. But I know that NO ONE wants to wake up at 50 and realize that life went by them.

That’s why I want you to take this article seriously. Aside the goofy writing style I feel really strongly about this

Those little things you think do not matter much right now can be the difference between living your dream or having a void of unfulfilled dreams inside you at 50. And all it takes is a little amount of freaking discipline. That’s all it takes. That’s the whole secret and the whole philosophy!

Free will exists and it will keep existing no matter if we prove it or not.

The real question you should be focused on is how much of it YOU use.Mind Points


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