After You Watch This POWERFUL Video You’ll Want to TATTOO These 4 Words: It’s a Beautiful Glass!


We all fear death. It’s a frightening thought that one day we all must die. However, I believe that a most frightening thought is that one day, the people you love will die.

This fact is always there in our mind. Most people even shape their life based on this fact living every day in a fight or flight mode. But there is a worst thing than dying and that is not living while you are alive, death in life.

Life is really beautiful if you stop running for a moment and look around. In the midst of the darkness and the light, there is life, a still unexplainable phenomena, a miracle. We are usually too focused on whether the glass is half full, or half empty, and forget to be grateful that there is a glass in the first place.

And It’s a Beautiful Glass!