THIS is Why YOU Should NEVER SLEEP with Your Head Pointed NORTH!


Do you know that The Himalayas are rising about 4cm per year? 50 Million years ago the Asian and the Indian plates were about to clash. Separated by the dying ocean they collided with a fantastic force. Neither would give way so the land had only one way to go, UP. This gave birth to one of the highest mountain range here on Earth with over 5 miles height. Behold The Himalayas.

50 million years they are constantly rising. However, what has all of this anything to do with which side you put your head when you sleep?

I’ll ask you one more question. What was making the 2 plates meet in a collision course? What was and still is attracting them?


The same thing that makes your compass point always North.

What do the doctors say that you lack if suppose you are anemic? IRON.

What do a magnet pull towards itself easily? IRON.

(Ok there were 3 more questions, what can I do I like asking questions)

The North Pole pulls the continents towards itself but also your blood because of the Iron we all have inside us. When you sleep with your head on The North there is more blood flow inside your brain than it should. This is unhealthy, harming to you and also it makes you have nightmares and trouble sleeping.

Watch THIS Video and You’ll Understand Why You should NEVER Sleep with Your Head on The North!


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