Puppy Getting A Massage Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today


You come back home, or you are stuck at the office. You are already tired from work. What in the world can make your life a little better when you are this bored.

The video I am about to show you will not just fill you up but you will be unable to remove the smile of your face.

It’s so sweet and awwww…

I believe that this video proves that humans can make A LOT of BEAUTIFUL change in the world. If only we can learn how to use our skills to make others enjoy their life experience a little more. Just watch how much this puppy enjoys life right now!

Puppy getting a Massage

Think for a moment. We are the only species in the world who enjoy making the life of other species just a tiny little better. It makes us happy, honestly happy, from deep down our hearts. This tells us something, that we might not be as bad as we think we are.

Even though most of our unconscious actions might have a negative impact on the planet, most of our conscious actions come from a positive intent. They make the life experience of other species a lot more pleasurable. So consciously, we are good.

We want to help one another. It’s in our nature. We want to snuggle with our pets and love them abundantly. In fact, we have trouble loving ourselves as much as we love our pets. And we are the only species who voluntarily take care of other species.

We are species of love. Everything good that exists in the world, at least in our perspective of good, was created because we loved unconditionally. Dogs, in fact, are a product of this love, of this natural kindness we had towards animals who might have ate us.

Dogs came from wolves, and specifically from those wolves who were crazy enough to approach humans sitting around a fire eating their food. And the other factor was the kindness of humans to feed these beasts, even though they might have been a threat.

This natural anomaly that came out of human kindness produced a different type of wolves, wolves who used human friendship to gather their food instead of hunting. And over a long period of time, this chain of wolves became what we know today as dogs.

This epic origin story of dogs is another proof that our love creates masterpieces.


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