THIS is The Key to Being MORE Attractive!


Attractiveness is not an exact science. What some people are attracted to others are repelled of. But I will tell you something, a secret which stands true for everyone.

Looks, no matter how important they seem for the element of attractiveness are just a tip of the iceberg. Looks are a symptom of a much deeper trait. That’s why the most attractive people are rarely the most beautiful.

Let me tell you something, Attraction is NOT a choice!

This means that others cannot decide if you are attractive to them. They cannot sit down and logically sort out who is attractive and who isn’t. If you have the element of attraction you will be attractive, end of story.

Do you know what is globally attractive?

Watch the video below and you’ll understand what attraction truly stands for.

Attraction is not this materialistic thing the media made us believe.

It has nothing to do with what kind of car you drive, what kind of phone you have, how you dress, look or behave in public. Those things are just one part of the whole picture, one set of symptoms for a much deeper trait.

It’s the same like taking one character from some story who is a hero and saying that to be a hero you need to dress, look and act like him. Being a hero is much deeper than that and all of the characteristics the hero possesses are symptoms of his heroism and courage.

Or let’s say we globally agree that being a good painter means to only paint The Mona Lisa.

It’s the same with attraction.

The element of attraction will flourish differently in each individual. Yes, there will be similar traits but the essence of attraction is to discover your own unique ones.

You cannot reverse engineer a hero. You cannot reverse engineer attraction because it is a different fruit we all differently bare.

We all want to be happy. We all want to be around with positive people, that’s what is globally attractive. And, when you show confidence in your positivity, when you find peace in the midst of the unknown and just have a good time, you’ll be attractive and you will flourish amazing traits of attractiveness.

Stop obsessing with little things outside of your control and have fun!

Be YOUtiful!

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<The Key to attraction is to be humble, be grateful, don’t obsess with little things you cannot control, enjoy what you do, be playful and be yourself>