A Man Isolated Himself From Society For Over 25 Years. What He Reveals Inside THIS Cave Is INCREDIBLE!


What is obsession?

What determines the line between passion and obsession?

Can we call “obsessed” a man who isolated himself from society for 25 years, in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, to play “Minecraft” in real life?

When Ra Paulette was asked if he is obsessed with his work he answered:

“Is a child obsessed with play?”

This may actually be the answer to all of the questions above. PLAY. Yes, play!

It is said that when you find your purpose and devote your life into fulfilling it, you’ll spend your days through play. Nothing else will really matter except crafting through your passion. And if you remember, that’s what being a kid really was like: a constant play, wonder and discovery, being lost in your world.

The real question is not whether we are obsessed or not, but what should we obsessed with. Because, only by being obsessed with our purpose we can create masterpieces, an elegant union between our Inner Universe and the Outer Universe. Speaking of creating masterpieces, watch the video below and witness what being obsessed with your passion can create!

What This Man has Created is Freaking INCREDIBLE!

Story Source: http://themindunleashed.org/2015/10/a-man-isolated-himself-from-society-for-over-25-years-in-the-desert-what-he-reveals-inside-this-cave-is-incredible.html