“Back to The Future” Cast Promotes an Invention that has The Potential to CHANGE THE WORLD!


Marty McFly and Doc Brown went back to the future exactly 26 years ago. Well.. “the future” they called back then is actually our present.

October 21st 2015 is not the future anymore. The “Back to The Future” series are now officially in the past. They are history.

It’s funny how time keeps on flowing. Something we planned, imagined, hoped for in the past is now in the present. For some, in the past. Past, Present, Future, they are all intertwined in a never ending spiral.

Before we get all out of topic philosophizing let’s get back into the point of this article.

When you watch “Back to The Future 2” there are a couple of “futuristic” items people back in the 89s thought will be invented and a part of society in 2015. However, self-drying jacked today seems kind of funny and pointless.

Putting all the hoverboard discussions aside, there is actually one invention from “Back to The Future 2” which has a potential to change the world and make it a better place to live in.. and no, it’s not an expanding pizza. This invention, believe it or not, is being promoted exactly on October 21st 2015.

What’s this invention?

Watch The Video Below to Discover what a Man Inspired by “Back to The Future” Series has Invented! THIS CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

What do you think? Can this garbage-fuel make the world a better and cleaner place? Is this what the world needs right now?