Shots of AWE: “The Instagram Generation”- YouTube Channel YOU need!


Shots of AWE is a YouTube channel that creates POWERFUL videos with jaw dropping information and wisdom.

Jason Silva is the man behind the “Play Button” and he is what many people call “an information DJ”


Well watching a video or two would answer it best for you but I’ll try to give you an insight.

Jason SilvaJust like a Music DJ mixes sounds from different songs to create a new unity, Information DJ is a person who mixes information from different areas of knowledge to create a unity, a new idea!

Many people call Jason a futurist because he connects many dots and creates a beautiful image of the future unifying technology and spirituality.

In the video I’m going to embed below Jason speaks about “The Instagram Generation”.

He speaks about how Social Media and most particularly the Instagram app is changing our consciousness and the way we perceive life.

InstagramThe Instagram app has made us aware of a higher dimension, time. We are consciously aware of our timeline and the fact that one day we will look back on it.

We are using this awareness and the filters Instagram offers to capture the present moment in eternity. We are starting to value every moment, we see the beauty in every moment and we create every moment beautiful through the app.

We are creating our own story we will look upon. We are creating our own Instagram Timeline we can access anytime and anywhere from a device we have now in our pockets.

Imagine looking back on your photos in the future.

Instagram GenerationWhat would you like to remember? What would you like to look back upon? How would you like the moment to look?

Instagram and the awareness of timeline is giving us the ability to create our own nostalgia of the past.

Despite having the pen to write and design our destiny we are given also coloring pencils to make it look beautiful.

The video is truly inspiring. And not just this one, all of their videos I’ve seen have given me a moment of AWE!

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