Germany will Open Its First Zero-Waste Supermarket!


The idea of “Zero-Waste” is creating stores, shops, restaurants and coffee places that create 0 waste. No garbage. Everything is organic, kept in glass containers and/or reusable, there is no pollution what so ever.

This idea is something the world needs these days. We need to save our environment from pollution because the environment keeps us safe.

If we pollute the earth to extreme levels (and we were going there with accelerated speeds) we would probably be extinct, unhealthy at least.

These days more and more people get awaken and realize that we come from nature. If we pollute The Earth we will be the ones who will meet the consequences.

This kind of awakening is necessary through all around the world. More and more young, bright minds find brilliant solutions to many eco-related problems.

We need to Integrate Our Technology with nature to be able to survive with it. We need to learn how to find balance between Technology and Nature.

The Idea of “Zero-Waste” supermarket will become reality in Germany. A project funded by the company “Social Impact Finance” will be the first ZERO-WASTE SUPERMARKET in Germany.

This supermarket called “Original Unpacked” is aiming to eliminate food packaging waste before it even gets into the shopping cart.

The store will encourage people to bring their own containers and bags with them to hold the exact amount of the item they wish to buy.

Many of the items will be stored in “bulk-bins.” There will be absolutely nothing that comes in a disposable box, bag, jar or package sold at the store.

If you happen to forget your containers, or spontaneously decide to grab something on your way home, don’t worry, there will be containers for you to borrow or recycled paper bags.

The idea of creating a store which produces 0 waste came to 2 young women, Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski. They explain their aims, goals and vision in the video bellow.

What we can do is a limitless category we need to explore more often. We should focus on creating more waste free environment and nature balanced world.

This article is in “The Body” category because the health of our body is directly affected by the pollution in our environment. We should all take this problem more consciously.

Wake up every day and ask yourself, “What can I do today to benefit the world?” or “How can I create a waste free environment?” or “How can I benefit Nature today?”.

Those questions will put your focus where it needs to be to benefit in creating an eco-friendly and healthy environment.

Be a part of the global movement to clean the world by starting locally. Start from your own home.

Think, generate and shape ideas with focus on ecology instead of money. Join the greater cause for global health. Only by living healthy we’ll be and remain healthy.

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<Living in an eco-friendly way, focusing on “Zero-Waste” ideas and helping in creation of more nature friendly environment will make us healthier>