Jim Carrey will Change The Way YOU Look at Life!


Jim Carrey is probably the god of comedy in The Whole Universe. If not the god of comedy, he is for sure among the greatest comedians in the history of all comedy.

No matter how sad or down, no matter if you like him or not, no matter if you are a serious person or not, Jim Carrey will speak directly to your laughing nerve.

Why is Jim so funny? Is he doing something differently from others? Is it a gift what he has?

The Truth is we can all be funny. We can all be comedians because comedy is a product of humanity. It is the courage to take negativity and be honest about it.

However, many of us live in fear. Many of us take negativity and reshape it in something even darker. That’s because we are darkness. But also, we are light. It is up to us what we’ll choose. Love or Fear?

If we are brave enough to face fear and see the illusion it is, we will start to laugh. We will become comedians. If we embrace the darkness and the light, the craziness we all have, if we have the courage to do so, we are comedians.

What Jim does is a complex simplicity but we can describe it as being courageous enough to face your own demons and show them love. Have fun with them.

Jim is expressing that fun with the world without doubting for a second if what he does is right or not. That’s why he is the best comedian. He is courageous enough to be. He has faith in something greater from light or darkness. He has faith in Humanity, in humanity we all have deep inside our hearts.

Listen to the wisdom Jim Carrey is expressing with us and try to understand the depths of what he is trying to say. He will change the way you look at life. Listen. Really listen.

Spirit Points

<Try to be courageous enough to embrace your craziness and be brave enough to express it, start living more in the now, start having faith in humanity>