Fixed vs. Growth – What Mindset is Writing Your Destiny ?


The Human Mind is probably one of the most complicated subjects to understand, to know how it works and why.

Scientist, Psychologists even Spiritual Gurus struggle everyday to give a definite answer to “How the mind works?”

It is difficult because, when you look at what’s happening really, it’s The Mind trying to understand itself.

Despite the battle of understanding itself our mind is having a constant battle with understanding everything that it isn’t, or at least what it perceives it isn’t.

Somewhere in the middle, our mind forms a mindset, a default filter through which it achieves optimal “success”, or at least it did sometime in the past.

Why am I saying “or at least..”? It is because not everything our mind does is 100% “The Best Way”, YOU or True. As much as you control it, another part, A LOT BIGGER part is a product of the environment you were raised in.

The environment like everything in The Universe changes through time. If some particular mindset worked for YOU then it doesn’t mean it works for you now.

And despite this, your Mind is just the part of The Whole as the other part is your Heart.

Why does our mindset stay the same if everything changes? It is because our mindset is a product of our consciousness, our soul, something not affected by time but by intentional focus.

Our Heart tells what we value the most, what holds meaning for us, what we attach Love to. Our Mind explains this through images and information. Our Mindset, the part in the middle, is responsible for filtering the information the best way to achieve most.

How Does Your Mindset Work?

MindsetOur mindset is based on the knowledge we have/had, the beliefs and information which shaped the neurons in our mind. However, not every belief you have is true and the same goes for the information your brain trusted to shape itself with.

This is why a lot of times the signal our heart sends to the mind is wrongly interpret and the other way around. It is also why the reality we perceive and live in strongly depends on our Mindset. It is the lens through which we see and interact with The World.

Sometimes our mindset, as much as it has a great intention, it blocks our true potential. We get stuck in the labyrinth of false beliefs and false information never being able to be who we really are.

Mainly there are 2 types of mindsets, Positive and Negative. The Positive one is the one who benefits YOU and The Negative one is the one who doesn’t.

Looking at this from a different level and angle, there are mainly Fixed and Growth type of mindsets.