Tug of War – You vs. Life


A lot of brilliant minds say that “Life is a game”. Let’s pretend in this article that life is actually your opponent and you 2 are playing a game, a game of push and pull or better known as the good old “Tug of War”.

You see, the rules of the game are pretty simple. There are 2 sides, the side where your wildest and most beautiful dreams live; and the opposite side – whatever the opposite of your dreams may be (listening to Rebecca Black all day?)

Your purpose is to reach your dreams and Life’s purpose is to pull in the opposite direction. You and “Life” are tied together with a rope and only one of you can reach the desired destination.

The one thing that matters the most in this game is Strength. A strength to hold on and a strength to push. It is pretty simple isn’t it? Well let’s try to explain this analogy.

No matter who you are, or how blocked your heart is, There is a Wish deep deep down, inside your heart, that your eyes fill with tears just by thinking on that subject.

This wish is your dream, a life you want to live. Be that with certain objects or combination of energies – people. It’s usually a desire for a certain emotion produced by the interaction between various factors.

Ok, a lot of science talk; but what can we do about it? The short answer is, decide what you want. Become aware of what it is that you want and NO MATTER WHERE/WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU DO, steer your life towards your dream. Do What Brings You Closer to It.

However, that’s not the end of “The Game”, it is actually the beginning. You start playing the “Tug o’ War” being opposed by everything else, “Life”.

Before, you were pushed around by “Life” whenever side it pulled you; and now it is time for you to stand up and man-up. Take responsibility of “The Game” and decide what you are playing for.

Push and PullNow comes the hard part. No matter how hard you pull towards your side, “Life” will pull harder at the opposite direction. So what do I try to say, that there is no winning?

No! Getting pulled back is not a bad thing. It’s actually what makes you grow stronger. Getting pulled back means you’ll have to pull harder and when you do that, know that you’ll get pulled back even harder by “Life”.

But what do we do? Give up?! Hell no! We pull even harder and then we get pulled even harder, so we pull even harder and we get pulled EVEN harder, so we pull EVEN HARDER and we GET PULLED EVEN HARDER, we pull even harder and then, suddenly, what happens?

Frayed RopeThe rope breaks. We are free. We are strong. We are stronger than the rules of the game. We realize that “Life” was never who we played against, it was “The Rope”, the weaknesses which pulled us backwards.

“Life” was our trainer, the one who made us stronger than “The Rope”. “Life” made us so strong that we tore apart our weaknesses.

That’s the whole point in life, to be strong. The only bad thing is surrendering to your weakness. That’s what true loss means, not pulling back.

As long as you get back up after you get knocked down, as long as you keep doing that, there will come a time when you’ll grow so strong that the punches won’t knock you down anymore. You’ll be free to walk towards your dreams, towards your most beautiful life.

Your WeaknessesThe life’s “Tag o’ War” is played against “The Rope”, against your weaknesses. It’s you against your weaker version of yourself. Whatever happens, you must stay strong in order to “win”.

Life hits hard, harder than anything buddy, but you can take the punches because deep inside there is the strong version of yourself. Every punch cuts through the cloaks of weakness and your job is to stand up again so life can hit you again and again and again until there is no weakness left in you.

tug-of-war-1024x396 SelfAnd here comes the best part, or let’s call it “The Trick”. When you are so strong that there is no any weakness left in you there is still one “weakness” disguised as strength. It’s the complete absence of weaknesses.

When we get strong we feel so powerful that we live a life hurt-free. Lifestyle like this with time will make us fail the main purpose in life, to have something to live for.

When you are strong enough and “The Rope” breaks, turn around. Take pride in your strength but get back on your knees, take “The Rope” and tie it on something worth living for.

The greatest strength comes by letting yourself be vulnerable. When you master this you are truly the “winner” of the “Tag o’ War”.

The point in this game is to know what your heart wants, to be strong enough to walk towards that direction, no matter how hard you get pulled backwards; to keep pulling and pulling and pulling until “insanity” is the definition through which people describe you; to break of your weaknesses and take the rules of the game in your hands.

Humbleness WinsWhen you do all of this it’s your humbleness as human that wins the game.

Making YOUR OWN decision to be vulnerable for the things worth being hurt for – that’s real strength, the strength of humanity.

That’s how you win – That’s How We All Win!

Heart PointsTHE CODE

<Persist until you are free from your weaknesses, be humble enough to remain a human and let yourself be vulnerable>