OSHO: “Spirituality is Fun, God is Always Joking”


Acharya Rajneesh, since 1989 known as OSHO, was an Indian guru, mystic and spiritual teacher. He died at 58 years and in his life he wrote over 600 books. His style of sharing the messages is unique filled with humor, playfulness and simplicity.

“God is always joking! Look at your own life – it is a joke. Look at other people’s lives and you will find jokes and jokes and jokes. Seriousness is illness. Seriousness has nothing spiritual about it. Spirituality is laughter. Spirituality is joy. Spirituality is fun.” – OSHO

Being MadWhat was he trying to say with the quote above? What does it mean “god is always joking”? Are we that worthless to be called a joke? Are we all a joke?

Before you get all mad and defensive saying “who is he to call my life a joke” hear me out. Well….. read me out. You are a joke. I am a joke too. Everyone is a joke and everything is a joke because we created seriousness.

This doesn’t mean that our life is worthless. The quote tells the opposite. It says that our life is so much more than we limit it to be with seriousness. Our life is filled with joy that we put shadow on with being serious.

How Small We AreLook at the facts. We are riding on a giant rock orbiting around a star in the midst of eternity and infinity. We are a product of process longer than 3,7 billion years. We are made of 99,9% empty space. We are able to see and hear less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum.

We will never be able to meet all the people or go to every city or hear every song or watch every movie or read every book or learn everything there is and we still stress over things like saying “I love you”, speaking in public, or running out of time.

We still fight over this rock we all ride on knowing that even if we owe the whole thing we will sooner or later die. We still fight each other for a place on this planet even when we know that there is more than enough for 10 times more than we are.

We kill each other for power while the sun can fart and kill us all at any moment. We kill each other over which story of god is real instead of focusing on the message that story intended to share.

We are trying to understand The Universe we are a part of. We seek knowledge our entire life, neglecting life itself, just to find in the end that we know nothing. Isn’t this funny? Don’t you see the joke?