A Christmas Carol by Life Coach Code


A Christmas Carol by Life Coach Code,

It was the night before Christmas. The world was calmer than usual. The streets were covered in white. Some of it was snow some of it was frozen, filthy particles polluting the air. The city was covered in fog and nobody walked the streets. It was calm, like after apocalypse calm.

The homes of people were poorly decorated, not in cost but in heart. Everybody prepared for the big holiday rest but nobody knew why they are so tired. People weren’t even laughing. They had no idea how to put a fake smile on their faces. Everything looked Christmassy but nothing felt like Christmas. The Christmas spirit was too far gone, covered in fake cheers, greedy lies, and broken egos.

A boy was writing a text for his website, trying his best to fight for Christmas once again, but his power was low and he was quickly losing what was left. He fought every year since he was born, he fought for a better world, for a better life, for happiness. But he fought alone and it was too much weight to carry solely on his shoulders. It was him who needed help but nobody was there for him like he was for the world.


The Question

A Hero

“Why should I help others?” – he thought. “Why should I help people who doesn’t want to be helped, people who destroy the magic in the world? Why should I help anybody when nobody is here to help me?” – He said.

He looked at the words he wrote, some pointless wisdom he tried to share with the world that was unable to understand the message. He deleted the word document and gave up helping others because it was pointless for him to speak his heart with people who are not listening. With people who are imprisoned by their own mind seeking vendetta for a personal cause.

It was one man against the collective ego, one man against fear itself, one man against destructive greed polluting the beauty of the world. One man tired of fighting for people who don’t want to be helped, against their egoistic minds who will do anything to win. The battle was pointless, hilarious in a way, that one man had not a single, logical chance of defeating the evil and saving Christmas not to speak of the world. The world was too messed up for saving.

Just before all hope was gone, while the boy was walking through his room, like some magical hand pushed him, he slipped and fell over a box of his old toys. Looking at his toys thinking “Really?! I cannot even walk straight?!” he saw something he hasn’t seen in a long time. It was his favorite toy, A Soldier.