Why You Must Always Be Ready ?


We often feel like life is dragging us backwards, like our dreams are further and further away. We have no idea what will happen with us, How We’ll Reach Our Dreams or where the path we walk leads.

We don’t even feel like walking a path. It feels more like a giant field with no signs nor directions. We are stuck wandering through this endless field, judging every dream and hope we ever had. Asking if they were possible and right for us.

Don’t let that infinite scenery get in your head. Understand that your dreams are more powerful than all odds and maybe today you are lost but there will come a time when you get a glimpse of your dream.

Be ready to focus on that direction. Be ready to steer yourself towards your dream. Know what you want from life and don’t let anything nor anyone make you question that.

Life drags us backwards to give us momentum and energy. Energy to blast ourselves into the future. If you Don’t Know What Future you want to aim to, life will blast you at a random direction where you’ll feel safer but you’ll be more lost than you’ve ever been.

Make sure that you are ready and you aim for the right target. Make sure that you know what future is right for you, so when life fires you, you hit the target you’ve always wanted to hit. Make sure you open your eyes and look for the glimpse of your dream.

Why You Should Always Be Ready

The truth is there are endless possibilities through our life time. Some chances we see, some we don’t. But we see only the things we look for, so if you believe in your dreams and look for possibilities to make them a reality, sooner or later you’ll see a chance, a direction that leads towards them.

We never needed a visible path, nor signs and directions to show us what we wanted. All we ever needed was believing in what we love, believing in ourselves. All we ever needed to follow was our heart, not logic. Instead of giving your mind the task to choose what is right for you let it choose how you gonna get where your heart points. Let your heart decide where you want to go because its expertise is on what you love. Let your mind decide how you gonna get there because its expertise is knowledge.

Always Know What You Love, always look for possibilities, and always be ready to take action because you never know when life is going to release the string.

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<Always trust your heart, it is the compass of your soul which points towards your true purpose>