How To Earn Respect From Your Boss ?


First of all, you need to answer to yourself “Do I respect my boss?”, and most importantly “Do I respect myself?” Respect is a game played with more than 1 players and if you want to earn respect from your boss you need to make sure he knows you are able to give respect in return.

If you are showing respect towards your boss just because of his title as a “Boss” than that is not a real Respect, that is fear of his power to take away your job. Real respect is shown if you honor the vision of a man, not the title or the power he has.

If you respect your boss but you don’t get your respect in return than something is wrong with your presentation of your worth. Remember that you get respect not by searching for it but by following what you believe despite other’s opinions.


Stop Craving For Approval

The greatest mistake everybody does when it comes to respect, is searching for it as it is something that they cannot live without. The respect you get is not your business! The respect you give is what you are responsible for.

The only respect to crave for is your own. If you Respect Your Vision And Follow It Without Question, than the respect from others who truly respect your cause will come automatically.

If you show your boss that you believe in yourself and don’t seek his approval, you’ll be amazed the amount of respect you’ll get. Your boss may even act like you are above him!


Speak Freely

Many of us think if they hide their opinions and accept everything their boss says, like robots, it’s a smart way to earn respect. That is as same as acting like a slave to be treated like a free man. You need to speak freely and express your opinions.

Remember, you work there for a cause, not for your boss. You, your boss, your coworkers are a team that fights for mutual success. If you don’t share your opinions and if you don’t “Spray” Your Uniqueness with your team than you are not a team player, you are not playing your part. You are not YOU, you are just an “echo”.

Your boss is the leader, you need to trust and respect his decisions, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t participate in them. Your boss just draws the lines where you need to color. If you think there is a better way to accomplish something, say it! It may benefit the whole company and that will get you real respect, from everyone!


Work When You Are Working

When you choose a job and decide to work there make sure that work is what you’ll do. When you go to work, go to work! Give everything you got for the cause you are working for.

Some of us think with limited minds and never realize that earning money is not a final goal. Earning money is like getting tools to build your dreams, The Real Reason Why You Are Working. Maybe your dream is to change the world or to leave legacy. Maybe you want a bigger house and a Jet Ski, I don’t know, but what I know is that if you see past earning money, you will get involved in your job a lot more.

If you really focus on your job and do your work to benefit the Vision, your boss will notice, of course if he is not a blind sadist that works only to brag with his power getting his weaknesses cloaked and his ego approved. If he is as focused on your company’s goals as “Boss” should be focused, than he will notice your efforts for sure.

If no body notices your efforts no big deal, you’ve done your job because you believe that is the right thing to do, not for somebody’s tap on your shoulder.




<Respect is a game played with more than 1 player and the simplest way to earn respect from your boss is by not craving for respect, respecting yourself, speaking freely, being a team player and giving your best while working>