What are The Benefits of Buying a 1 Crore Health Insurance Plan for Your Family


There’s a significant increase in the demand for health insurance policies, especially post pandemic.

Surprisingly, people are preferring health plans with a greater sum insured to ensure optimum security for themselves and their loved ones.

Topping the list are 1 crore health insurance plans, promising the widest coverage and benefits.

Read on to learn more about the need and advantages of an extensive health insurance policy.

Why do You Need a 1 Crore Health Plan?

Healthcare expenses are rising uncontrollably, especially when it comes to a growing and young family.

You need a large pool of funds to support the different medical conditions of every family member while bearing the brunt of medical inflation.

Here are the top reasons why a 1 crore health plan is the need of the hour:

Medical inflation has increased by almost 8% in the last year, including the cost of treatment, consumables, and medications.

Accessing quality medical care at prime healthcare centres has become more difficult in the past few years.

A sedentary lifestle, lack of inactivity, and adulterated consumption is causing a sharp rise in chronic lifestyle diseases among people from all walks of life, doesn’t matter their age and health status.

Post pandemic, the world is witnessing an unprecedented number of infections and ailments requiring prolonged treatment. Also, a 1 crore health plan is a must for individuals with a family history of chronic conditions like cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases, among others.

Below are the primary advantages of buying health insurance with a greater sum insured for your family and loved ones.

What are The Benefits of Buying a 1 Crore Health Insurance Plan?


1. Provides Maximum Coverage.

What makes health insurance with a 1 crore coverage the best pick is its utility in covering all kinds of standard healthcare expenses.

Whether minor or major, a higher coverage helps you manage the burden of medical surgeries, procedures, and medications without stressing about the cost involved.

Especially in a family, you need to park a huge chunk of funds for any medical emergency.

That’s where a 1 crore plan helps you the most by covering a chain of healthcare expenses in a given year.

2. Lowers Financial Burden During Prolonged Treatments.

There’s an alarming increase in cases wherein people require extended medical treatment due to various reasons.

For instance, the recent coronavisrus infection has led people to develop several other health complications, resulting in increased demand for medical attention.

With a prolonged medical procedure, comes a hefty bill that is unbearable for most families.

Thus, a health plan with higher coverage is beneficial to tackle prolonged treatment.

3. Suitable for All Kinds of Families.

Families, whether big or small, include members with different kinds of medical needs.

While you can cover them individually, it becomes difficult to cater to any pre existing diseases and severe ailments. The good news is that you can utilise a 1 crore health plan to cover diverse medical needs while keeping it affordable.

It helps you manage the health insurance funds with a single policy without compromising any member’s health condition.

4. Offers Wider Choice of Optional Benefits.

Undoubtedly, a 1 crore health plan comes with superior benefits and a wider choice of optional covers.

For instance, the 1 crore health plan offered by one of the health insurers, Care Health Insurance includes a slew of optional covers like no claim bonus super, air ambulance cover, deductible option, reduction in the waiting period, and more.

Thus, you can easily customise a higher sum insured health plan according to your preferences and lifestyle.

Opting for the Right 1 Crore Health Insurance Plan

The decision of buying a health plan with coverage of up to one crore is a critical one, demanding a deep analysis of the options available.

One of the reliable choices offered is that by Care Health Insurance.

The insurer promises wide ranging health insurance products, including 25 lakh, 50 lakh and 1 crore coverage options.

With a vast network of cashless healthcare providers, it becomes easier to claim a higher sum insured coverage.

So, secure your family with optimum coverage with the right insurance policy.

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