3 Secrets How to Boost Your Mind’s Performance and Focus


As you know, here at Life Coach Code we are dedicated in helping you unleash the true potential of your Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart, all the 4 fundamental pillars.

Each of these 4 fundamental pillars has its own superpower that comes available to you once you start working on it. However, training your mind is something else. You start feeling like a super human.

Once you unleash even a tiny glimpse of your mind’s true potential, you will feel limitless. That’s why we decided to tell you 3 secrets on how to do that.

You see, The Mind is like a supercomputer. But most people don’t really know how to use it, they haven’t read the manual. So instead, they are being used by the random processes of their mind.

If you want to feel like a transcended human being and start using the full potential of your mind, here are the 3 secrets of how to boost its performance and focus.

3 Secrets How to Unleash Your Mind’s Full Potential:


1. Listen to The Experts.

There are many experts who mastered their mind. With the power of the internet and their influence they are able to share their step by step guides on how to reach peak mental performance to people all over the world.

There are countless books you can read like “Atomic Habits” and “Focus” that will show you a peek inside the mechanics of our mind.

If you are not the type of person who wants to spend days reading, you can find online workshops, events, and videos for free.

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2. The Hidden Benefit of Health.

Your Health affects every aspect of your life. Even business!

It’s logical to say that your health directly affects the performance of your mind.

It can diminish its ability or enhance its performance depending on your choices. Each choice, every small and every big thing regarding your health, compounds the effect in either direction.

Here, I will mention few crucial decisions that you should make, important lifestyle changes that will have the largest impact on your mind’s performance.

The more of these suggestions you practice, the more their effect compounds.

Quality sleep.

When we talk about quality sleep we don’t mean just 8 hours, we mean 8 QUALITY hours. This means, sleep in a dark, silent, and slightly colder room, without electronics around, and no screen exposure at least 1 hour before you go to bed.


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Avoiding toxins.

There are certain things, as we said, that diminish your mind’s potential. These toxins, as we like to call them, are negative news, consumption of alcohol, drugs, fast and sugary food that makes you tired afterwards. Avoid those.

Dopamine detox.

If you want to go to another level with your mind’s performance, then try dopamine detox for 30 days. I explain all the benefits of a dopamine detox here.

Being active.

Move your body, pump your blood flow, exercise, go for a walk, try yoga. Your body is meant to be moving, not sedentary. And when your body is moving your mind is working.

Stress management.

In the modern world stress is a natural part of every day life. That’s why we don’t say avoid stress, but learn to manage it. Stress can sometimes stimulate your mind to work faster, but prolonged stress can lead to burnout and can seriously impact your mind’s potential. Do breathing techniques, exercise, meditate to release stress at the end of the day.

3. Active Training.

Have you heard of Flow?

This is the state you enter when the little voice in your head that continuously judges you goes away, and you are fully embodying the present moment with the activity that you are doing.

That’s one way to train peak performance of your mind.

Find what puts you into that flow state and practice that. Train for few days per week, literally, like going to the gym.

You can also train your memory and your capacity to carry information in your conscious RAM. You can play games that stimulate your mind. There are countless ways to train your mind.

But just like any muscle, if you train it and you are consistent, it will get stronger.

What you should remember?

Your mind is a supercomputer. Learning how to use it can make you feel like a superhuman.

In order to do that, you can train it, make sure you follow the path of health, and listen to what the experts have to say.

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