DOPAMINE DETOX: 72 Days Without Alcohol, Drugs, Sugar, Fapping, TV, Games, Caffeine.. Here is How I feel!


I am at my 72nd Day of Dopamine Detox.

No alcohol 🍻
No porn 🍑
No fap 🍆
No sugar 🍩
No caffeine ☕
No movies, tv shows, games 🎞📺🎶🎮

And I haven’t felt better in my life!

HOW is this possible?

I feel happier than ever.

I feel more energy than I ever thought humanly possible without taking supplements.

I am more focused than ever in my life.

My anxiety is 100% completely GONE! Like literally, I do not feel anxiety at all… This is HUGE for someone who felt anxiety every single day of my life!

No overthinking either. My thoughts are clean, sharp.. it’s much easier to avoid distractions and get out of negative loops.

If you told me that there is something that can give these benefits I would have imagined a Super Pill like in the movie Limitless!

Not in my wildest dreams I would have thought that it’s actually NOT DOING most of the things that give you pleasure.



No sugar, no fap, no porn, no alcohol, no drugs, no caffeine, no movies, no listening to music, no tv shows, no games…

When I tell this to people their first question is “So what the hell do you do?”

And I get it..

I would have asked the same thing before these 72 days!

I would have thought that not doing any of these things would make me depressed!

And exactly this kind of thinking is why most people are miserable deep inside, why they live lives of quiet desperation.


Pleasure is not Happiness!

How many times you were chasing pleasure, and right after you got what you desired you felt empty, like something is still missing?

You were fine for a moment and then poof… you did not attain real happiness. It was like the trail version and it expired!

Then, like most people, you started chasing more pleasure somewhere else…
Social media..
Watch a movie..
Porn, fap..
Eat something sugarry..
Chat with new girl, new guy..
Drink coffee..
Play a game..
Call a friend..
ANYTHING just to escape yourself and find more pleasure!

Like a drug addict!

Pleasure (Dopamine) is a drug, and the world today is designed to help you get as much of this drug as possible!

But the more you take, the more miserable you are!

And the less happiness you actually feel!

Let me explain why…

How Dopamine Works:

It’s not complicated once you understand this: Nature created us binary, meaning, we have OFF switch and ON switch! Like a computer, 0s and 1s.

Nature uses Pain to move us away from things that can potentially harm us [the OFF switch], and Pleasure (Dopamine) to move us in the direction where we have the most chance of reproducing [the ON switch].

That’s the game of Nature!

All it cares about is you spreading your DNA!

That’s it!

Everything else is a story you tell yourself of why you do things.

In reality, EVERYTHING you do is to get energy and potentially spread your genes.

And that strategy worked for so long!

However, the moment we learned how to manipulate our Dopamine receptors inside our brain was the moment we hacked the game of Nature!

If we fill up a cake with sugar, in Nature’s game it looks like we got food to keep us alive for 1 month! And people love this! Make more and sell…

If we fap on an artificial screen, in Nature’s game it looks like we are making children and spreading our DNA! People love this! Make more…

If we drink caffeine it seems like we have more energy! Make more..

If we drink alcohol it seems like we have more confidence! Make more..

If we play games it seems like we are leveling up in real life and reaching our goals!

When we are Watching movies for Nature it seems like we are living the life of the main characters!

We have hacked Nature’s game, we created an artificial world that stimulates your Dopamine, but it doesn’t lead you anywhere in life except consuming the next thing to give you a fix!

Like a junkie!

And that’s why following pleasure leads you OPPOSITE of happiness!

Because REAL HAPPINESS comes from within naturally when you are:
Following your purpose!
Being present in the here and now!
Being healthy!
Connecting with people in person!
Leveling up in real life!
ACTUALLY spreading your DNA!

👉 Real happiness emerges when you take away everything you thought will give you happiness!

What about your Free Time?

Many people, when I tell them about the Dopamine Detox, they wonder what do I do in my free time!

But what the heck is FREE TIME?

Are you not free all time?

All I do is live!

I am focused on building and growing 3 things:
My Body
My Business
My Network

And the time that’s left from my day I eat, sleep, hang out with people I love!

OR.. I go back and work on something I am passionate to create!
New book
New video

Or I try new things,
Learn new skills,

👉 Only people who slave away to the system so they can get another fix of Dopamine have a Free Time!

Take away your chains and all you are is free!

Thank you for reading!

I will update you on day 90!

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