Could Your Dreams Be Trying to Tell You Something You Should Know?


We all have dreams (or at least we ought to).

We all get great satisfaction out of experiencing them, except for the odd nightmare. We have all danced around illogical, otherworldly scenes within their realms before.

However, have you ever taken the time to really explore the meaning behind the nonsensical visuals and encounters you get in your dreams?

Are there hidden messages there from a greater source? If there are, do you want to know what they may represent?

If you answer yes to any of these, make sure to read on as we will dive right into all this below. For a deep dive into dream analysis, check out Paranormal Authorities Dream Guide.

Are Your Dreams Trying to Tell You Something:


Do We Know What Dreams Are?

We know that dreams are visual and sometimes sensory experiences that occur to us when we sleep.

They can be fun, frightening, exciting and mysterious or all of those mixed into one! They don’t appear to have any logical rules that the world we experience follows. They are malleable and even interactive for some people (lucid dreaming).

However, unfortunately to this day, we don’t know exactly what dreams are, where they take place or why we experience them. Yes, we have our best guesses but that’s as far as we have come to date.

What are The Spiritual Beliefs About Dreams?

Although it is not exactly known what dreams are, it is known that they have been commonly revered among many tribes, ethnicities, and cultures throughout the world in times gone by.

We can extract and amalgamate the wisdom from all of these ancient cultures on what dreams are, and the meanings coded in their messages.

For that reason, even though we may not know with certainty what dreams are today, we still may fall back on time tested ancient wisdom to guide us on our quest for the absolute truth about dreams.

A thread that is consistently woven throughout many cultures about dreams is that it signifies a connection with source.

When we say source, we mean it in the sense of a god or creation, whatever that may mean to you. For some it’s religion, for some it’s consciousness theories and for some it just simply doesn’t exist.

Dreaming has been overwhelmingly associated with spirituality and a higher, more enlightened being across the tribes of old.

Dreams have a spiritual significance is such a noteworthy congruent message among so many groups of people and opposing belief systems throughout history it is hard to deny.

So much so, the ancient wisdom and ways of seeing the world, or specifically the otherworldly dream world, is far more palatable.

Do Dreams Speak to Us?

Are you more aligned with the beliefs of old? Do you believe that dreams have a spiritual significance and are a link with your divinity?

If you answered yes, then your dreams are indeed sending you guidance, messages, affirmations, and warnings in this modality of communication.

Do you lean more toward the idea that spirituality is irrational? Do you believe that dreams are merely some scientific phenomena to charge our body like a battery in a phone?

If you answered yes, then your dreams are also sending you guidance, messages, affirmations, and warnings in this modality of communication. You are just choosing not to receive the messages. Which is perfectly fine too.

There is no right and wrong in spirituality, it is an incredibly personal journey, and simultaneously, not personal at all if you are of the belief there is a single collective consciousness, but that is a discussion for another day!

The coherent ancient message about the dream landscape is that the ancient wisdom of source found within dreams does not discriminate.

It does not force dogmatic belief in its ways.

It just is. The purest known form of wisdom and being that we have potential to tap into.

There are messages laid down for us all to uncover throughout our dreams… the choice is given to us whether we wish to let go and connect with them or not.

What are The Factors That Influence Our Ability to Dream?

There may be some external sources of interruption that debilitate our ability to go deep into our dreams. Today, many of us live better than a King’s most outlandish dreams of the past.

Food, drinking water, instant travel and communication, hot showers, house heating and the list goes on. The conveniences and luxuries that come with modern living are remarkable.

However, having said this, our modern way of living has really impacted and severed the ability of divinity to connect with us in our dreams.

Substances such as caffeine, refined sugar, and alcohol. Modern technological devices such as phones, laptops, and televisions. These all have a major impact on our abilities to drift off into that ever elusive ephemeral dreamworld.

Caffeine, keeping you over stimulated and charged up and technology screens emitting blue light, waking the body right back up before going to sleep.

This keeps us in a constant state of half sleep, never truly reaching a deep state of unconscious slumber, where the connection with the source in the dreamworld truly occurs best.

Unconscious literally meaning without awareness… what replaces that emptiness of awareness? Only you may truly answer that question for yourself. It is something to ponder.

Before You Go, This is Our Recommendation For You:

After briefly exploring the topic of dreams and their messages throughout this article, we are going to leave you with some homework.

Don’t worry! This isn’t school homework, unless of course you enjoyed that. This will be quite enlightening introspective work to help enable you to reconnect to source, whatever the word source means to you.

It’s only a few simple steps, and it can garner massive insight and revelations for you if done consistently.

For a few days, remove as many external factors as possible that negatively impact your ability to connect to the dream world, or in scientific terms, that enable you to go into deep REM sleep.

Factors discussed previously, such as caffeine and screen time before you sleep. This gives your body the best chance of achieving a proper dream state.

Next, the first thing you must do the morning after you experience a magical exploration throughout the dreamworld is to take out a pen and a piece of paper.

Don’t overthink this or let your rational brain get in the way.

You must simply sit down without any distractions and let everything you encountered or experienced throughout the dream spill out onto the paper… no matter how irrational and illogical according to the rules of our world it may seem. Once done, leave it there, don’t look at it or read it.

Come back to it later that day or in the following few days.

You will be astounded as to some of the hidden messages you can extrapolate looking back over it again.

Messages that we didn’t even realize we were being gifted.

We hope you achieve some enlightening ‘aha!’ moments doing this simple exercise.

Written by Brandon Hall,

I help people upgrade their Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart to become the best version of themselves! After 10 years of writing, coaching and collaborating with top coaches from all around the world I have learned the best secrets to help you unleash your full potential! You can be a Superhuman! Write me at [email protected] if you have any direct question! Much Love!