The 5 Most Common Dreams and Their Hidden Meanings


More than 40% of Americans believe that our dreams have deeper implications that are related to our subconscious desires.

The analysis of dreams and understanding their hidden meanings have gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

Many dream interpretation websites have come up where professionals deduce the deeper meanings of dreams and their relation to people’s self reflection.

These professionals find the connection between a person’s dreams and his or her subconscious desires.

In this article, we are going to discuss the hidden meanings of some commonly occurring dreams.

5 Most Common Dreams and Their Hidden Meanings:


1. Falling.

Many people have these dreams quite often, where they have a feeling of falling from a high place.

If you have seen Inception, they claim that you will wake up, or come out of a dream that you are dreaming of in your dream. Most people wake up when they feel they are falling in their dreams.

So what does it mean if you had a dream where you feel down from a high structure or place?

Many experts suggest that falling in a dream often implies that you are going through bad stages in your life. They also say that having a dream about falling means that you need to make immediate changes in a few areas of your life where you might be struggling.

If you have recently made a decision, you might need to rethink about it and consider your options once again.

If you have this dream often, it might mean that you are feeling stuck in your life because of certain factors. It can be your work, relationship, or other aspects of your life. Falling implies that you want to break the chains and enjoy your life a bit more.

2. Without Clothes in a Public Place.

If you are a FRIEND’s fan, you will remember Chandler explaining his dream of being without clothes in the first episode. A lot of people dream of wearing only their skin suit in a public place, especially at their work. Students dream of being without clothes inside the school or college cafeteria.

Experts say that dreaming of being naked in a public place means you are scared that people might see through you and realize your flaws and shortcomings.

3. Being Attacked or Chased.

Many people dream that they are being chased or attacked by a stranger or a person they know.

Experts in dream interpretation suggest that these dreams mean that you are trying to avoid someone in your life because you might be scared of having an argument or confrontation with them.

Many experts also have a theory that you might want to find an escape from things that scare you or your guilty desires.

Being chased by an animal might mean that you are trying to suppress a lot of anger or emotions and feel scared that they might burst out of you one day. If the assailant is a mysterious stranger, it can mean that you have unresolved childhood issues that you feel scared or uncomfortable to deal with.

4. Flying.

A lot of people dream about flying, but the mode of flight might vary. Some might dream of flying like Superman, while some may be in a hang glider.

The emotional response might also vary, depending on whether the person likes flying or not. If you are not scared in the dream, it might mean that you want to feel freedom and independence in your life. It might also mean that you are longing to get away from the realities of your everyday life.

5. Death.

Many people dream about death while they are sleeping.

Whether you are dreaming about your death or the death of your near and dear ones, dreams about death can be quite discomforting.

Experts suggest that you might be facing anxiety problems in your life, or you might be feeling scared of the uncertainty of the future.

There might be some changes occurring in your life, and you might be feeling anxious about its implications on your life.

Dreaming about the death of loved ones can implicate that you are feeling exceptionally lonely in your life.

Every person’s dreams are unique and personal to them. Dreams can be a reflection of many aspects of their everyday life, or they can be a manifestation of their subconscious. In most cases, dreams might have insignificant implications in life. But if you feel that your dream might have a higher significance in your life, you can consult a dream interpretation expert.