The 4 Potential Dangers Remote Workers Have to Consider When Working from Home


Working from home has many perks, but there are also risks.

You might not think sitting at home, typing all day, and attending Zoom meetings could be dangerous.

What could possibly go wrong?

It’s not like remote workers are standing on 200 foot high scaffolding or working with large table saws.

The truth is that remote work isn’t exactly dangerous, but workers face a variety of risks that don’t disappear just because they’re sitting at the computer.

For example, anytime someone drives a car, there’s a possibility they could get into an accident. Even when remote workers take a break for lunch or dash out to a medical appointment, they take a risk.

There are certain risks in life that are given and we have to play with those.

Remote workers employed in a driver position are at greater risk of getting into a car accident than those who work behind a computer all day.

When an employee drives for work, they’re on the road more often and for longer periods of time.

But even though we cannot escape all risks in life, there are ways to avoid them or better prepare.

Knowing who to call after a car accident is crucial for remote workers employed in a driver position. Regardless of what your employer says, you need to contact a car accident lawyer immediately.

Employees who drive company vehicles should be covered by their employer. However, sometimes employers skip insurance requirements and employees don’t know they aren’t covered until they get into an accident.

If you drive your own vehicle for work and your car insurance policy won’t cover all of your medical bills, you’ll need a lawyer. Skipping a lawyer and agreeing to an under the table deal with your employer won’t turn out in your favor.

Check with your insurance company to make sure you have the right coverage. If you’re driving for work, you may want to increase your liability and medical coverage just in case.

The purpose of this article is not just to show you the risks, but how to be better prepared. Here’s a list of the top 4 dangers remote workers face throughout the workday.

The 4 Dangers Remote Workers Need to Consider:


1. Hard to fall asleep.

Being all day indoors and watching a screen can seriously mess up your sleeping schedule.

We, as humans, were made to be active. We were made to walk, get fresh air, sunshine and socialize.

But when you work remotely from your home you can deprive yourself from all those things without realizing.

This can result in bad sleeping schedule. You can have hard time falling asleep, you might be feeling really lonely, even depressed.

Make sure to schedule a time for a walk in your day. It can be before work or after work. This will help you maintain a better rhythm.

2. A messy house.

With remote work, any accident or injury that can occur in your home during non working hours can occur during working hours, too.

For example, you can trip over cords, catch your big toe on an area rug and fall, you can slip on a piece of paper left in your garage, and you can develop cumulative injuries like carpal tunnel or tendonitis.

As a remote worker, a messy house is your enemy. Not only will big messes distract you from working and keep your brain in chaos, but you could seriously hurt yourself if you trip over something.

For example, if you walk around your house with your laptop in one hand, and you catch your toe on a messy cord, you could fall and hurt yourself and break your laptop.

Is your house a mess? Take a weekend to clean up and organize. You’ll have an easier time focusing and you won’t need to worry about tripping and falling.

3. Bad habits.

Bad habits are always going to undermine your efforts. When you’re trying to get your work done, bad habits can cause you to procrastinate, make mistakes, or give up.

Do you have any bad habits that get in the way of your work?

Maybe you wait until the end of the week to do your dishes and you have to cut your work time short on Friday to wash dishes. Or, perhaps you work in your pajamas and you’ve gotten too comfortable working on the couch with bad posture.

Whatever bad habits are affecting your ability to get your work done, try to break those habits. Find a new strategy or system and stick with that.

4. A poor desk setup.

Having a non ergonomic desk setup is the biggest threat to your physical well being. Examine your setup to see if you can change something and make it better.

For example, is your desk too low or too high? Get a pneumatic adjustable desk.

Is your chair uncomfortable? Go to an office store and sit in every chair available to find one with support.

When your desk setup is ergonomic, you’ll maintain good posture throughout the day.

Good posture will help prevent common musculoskeletal injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain.

What You Should Remember?

Generally speaking, remote work is relatively safe.

It might be safer than the traditional way of doing work by commuting and being among people.

However, there are still risks and dangers to consider.

While the risks are mainly psychological distractions and musculoskeletal injuries, it’s worth taking precautions.

Even seemingly minor injuries can require surgery and a long road to recovery.

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