Use Gemstones To Boost Your Mood… and 3 Other Reasons


People, all throughout history, used special materials from Earth to manipulate their mood and psychological state. We can say that mostly it is the Placebo Effect that is responsible, but still, the results are there.

For thousands of years, gemstones have been considered to hold metaphysical properties, heal a host of ailments, and alter our emotions and mood.

Whether you’re feeling lost, anxious, or in need of a creative boost, there’s bound to be a gemstone that can aid your current mental state. All you need to do is find the right stone for your unique situation.

3 Reasons To Use Gemstones:


1. If you need to access inner wisdom.

A striking vibrant blue, sapphire is also known as the wisdom stone, which has long been used to aid people on their individual spiritual path, help them access their intuition, and prevent them from swerving off track.

If you’re prone to over thinking and negative thought patterns, sapphire can help relieve mental tension and bring back focus.

You’ll experience serene feelings of balance and harmony as your spiritual nature becomes better aligned with the physical world.

As such, it’s an amazing stone for helping you achieve your goals, as it helps you get organized, focused, and motivated in all aspects of life.

With sapphire, you’ll experience greater success and prosperity. If you’re wondering how to incorporate sapphire jewelry into your wardrobe, know that it goes with virtually any outfit.

However, opting for simple clothing will allow your sapphire jewelry to truly shine and function as your outfit’s focal point.

2. If you need to calm emotional turmoil.

A beautiful shocking pink hue, rhodonite is the perfect gemstone to wear when you need to balance your energy and move away from emotional turmoil or negative situations.

It resonates with your heart chakra to elicit feelings of compassion, nurture love, and heal past emotional scars.

In turn, rhodonite can help eliminate feelings of confusion and anxiety, and clear the way for you to forge a positive new life path, discover new passions, and reach your full potential.

With rhodonite, you’ll be able to benefit from greater insight into whichever problem you’re currently experiencing.

If you have a habit of being codependent, of emotional self sabotage or abuse, rhodonite can help foster much needed self love, confidence, and forgiveness.

3. If you need a creative boost.

Carnelian is a gorgeous reddish warm gem and a member of the Chalcedony family.

It’s the go to stone whenever you’re in need of a creative boost. In particular, carnelian resonates with the sacral chakra that is the center of your emotions, feelings and pleasure, and imparts a sense of renewal, power and vitality.

So, if you’re an artist, carnelian can play a key role in helping you move through a creative block or get started with big new projects.

Or, if you have a job interview coming up, wear carnelian jewelry for an extra confidence boost and good luck. Your charm and vibrancy is bound to shine through with the help of this wonderful stone.

Gemstones aren’t just beautiful accessories: they’re also valuable tools that can help alter your mental state and emotions. Sapphire, rhodonite and carnelian are just a few incredible stones with powerful healing properties. Be it a Placebo or not, people certainly report seeing results from them.