9 ‘Rare’ Gemstones with Surprising Health Benefits


From ancient to modern times, gemstones have been worn and adored throughout history.

While valuable gems were often found in the crowns and jewelry pieces designed for members of royalty, nowadays anyone can elevate their look with a gorgeous piece of gem jewelry.

However, these stones don’t just have aesthetical benefits.

They are also believed to possess various healing powers.

From emerald to pearls and quartz, gemstones have various physical and mental health benefits, so make sure you research them before you go shopping for new accessories.

The 9 Gemstones with Surprising Health Benefits:


1. Rose Quartz.

In the last couple of years, most bridesmaids’ gifts contained rose quartz, and it is no wonder why.

This stone has the power to speed up the healing process, improve circulation, and boost neuron activity.

Add its undeniable beauty to the equation and it becomes pretty clear why this stone is a perfect gift.

2. Topaz.

When it comes to blue topaz, this stone is known as a contributor to good health.

People wear it when they have throat and head issues, as well as constant migraines.

Topaz is believed to help with the fear of public speaking by boosting your confidence.

On the other hand, there is white topaz that will provide you with an energy boost when you feel drained and strengthen your hair and nails along the way.

Just like the blue topaz, the white one also helps with migraines. Click here if you want to learn more about this beautiful gemstone.

3. Pearl.

It is a known fact that pears have been an essential part of jewelry pieces throughout history, but did you know that they have also been used in medicine since the oldest times?

Nowadays a lot of makeup companies claim that their products contain pearl powder that is known to improve the quality and health of the skin.

This substance should also help you sleep better, since it promotes calmness and tranquility.

In addition, it is said that those who wear pearls can benefit from its distressing properties.

4. Amethyst.

A lot of people love wearing this stone because of its gorgeous purple color, but wearing it also has other perks.

Amethyst can help you reduce stress and anxiety, and therefore boost your immune system that has been affected by high stress levels.

5. Emerald.

If you have health problems regarding your heart, spine, lungs, or muscular system, emerald could help you.

This gorgeous green gem also promotes mental balance and stimulates recovery.

Whether you opt for crystal therapy or you decide to wear emerald jewelry, you could benefit from its healing powers.

6. Lapis Lazuli.

It is said that lapis lazuli helps its wearer with various health issues.

Supposedly, it should keep your organs, bones, and muscles strong, as well as help you stay calm and positive.

If you were born in the last month you then have several reasons to wear this gemstone, since it is also known as December birthstone.

7. Garnet.

Because of its fiery red color, garnet is usually associated with energy and vitality.

People who want to boost their overall health and revitalize their minds and body should wear garnet jewelry.

Some people even believe that this gem can protect from evil and bad karma.

8. Tourmaline.

With tourmaline, you will be able to improve oxygenation of the brain and your blood circulation.

If you are in desperate need of detoxification, you could also benefit from this rainbow stone.

9. Aquamarine.

A lot of gemstones have special healing powers, so it is said, and aquamarine is not an exception.

This gem can help you resolve your digestive, eye, and teeth related issues, and should reduce your fear of water.

In case you were born in March, this is a stone for you, especially if you’re into meditation for this stone is frequently used by shamans.

Wearing gemstone jewelry can not only elevate your look but also, as some people claim, might help you with various health problems. Therefore, research their powers and see which one would suit you the most.

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