5 Unconventional Activities People Did During a Quarantine


The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the whole world to its knees.

It has changed the dynamics of the entire world. Millions of people’s lives have been disrupted in many ways. A drastic change that a majority of the public is dealing with is the social distancing norms that ask you to stay home under a type of self quarantine.

This has raised a lot of problems which include keeping yourself busy and away from boredom. That’s why we made a HUGE article of 101+ Things You Can Do in Quarantine to Become The Best Version of Yourself.

However, since it is hard to keep yourself busy and entertained without going out, here are some unconventional things people told us they tried during their quarantine.

5 Unconventional Activities People Did in Quarantine:


1. Shrooms.

Yeah, some of our friends in Netherlands told us they had a very strange time trying this. Shrooms are legal in many countries and also an excellent recreational psychedelic. Netherlands is one of them.

Half a dozen shrooms and you will probably spend 4 to 6 hours in a state that can not be explained. You’ll lose track of time and will probably lose track of many other things along with it.

Even though the trip lasts for 4 to 6 hours, the preparation and the after also take up a lot of time. So practically a whole day can be allotted to this recreational activity.

2. Going minimalist.

And there are those who are adventurous in another way. Some of our friends went minimalist.

They got rid of everything unnecessary from their homes and tried living like that. When I say everything, I do mean EVERYTHING unnecessary.

They have one chair, one plate, one pillow, one table, one tech item. Just the bare minimum of everything.

3. Gardening.

If you have a garden on the other hand, this one might be something you would like to try.

It might not be fun at first but gardening pleases you once you start seeing results. When you start spending hours with plants daily you start to form a bond with these plants and learn to care for them.

You can trim them, water them and some people also suggest talking to them. Apart from letting you direct a lot of free time, this activity also teaches you a lot of patience and the importance of plants in the existence of humans.

4. Shatter.

Shatter is quite an interesting substance. It is basically a THC concentrate that is translucent and has a honey like color. It is a delicacy among people who like to smoke weed.

In some places of the world is legal. The people who tried this were also from a country where smoking weed is legal.

It gets its name shatter due to its brittle nature. People often ask the question “how to smoke shatter”. There are special dab rigs that can be bought that assist you in heating up the shatter and inhaling the smoke.

5. Meditate for few hours per day.

And finally, there are those who went too far with meditation. They meditated for 5 or 6 hours per day and it literally transformed who they are.

But you can use this approach to work on yourself. Just spend few hours on your self, give yourself the attention that you crave from others, hear yourself out, support your self emotionally and release those suppressed emotions.

The pandemic is unforgiving and the quarantines are putting the whole human race to a test. It may get particularly intolerable to stay indoors with nothing to do so make sure you go through this article and try out some of the mentioned activities to escape boredom. But maybe that’s your cocoon and you can use this time to transform and come out as a better version of yourself.

Keep in mind that some of these activities are not legal in certain countries! We do not advise nor promote trying anything that’s illegal!

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