5 Quarantine Wellness Tips To Stay Safe And Sane


The world is experiencing a new normal amid the pandemic, and home is perhaps the safest place for everyone.

Companies are allowing people to work from home, schools and colleges are closed, and outings are limited only to essential reasons.

While quarantining has its benefits, it can make you feel lazy and anxious.

Still, you can follow some simple measures to stay safe and sane even when cooped indoors.

We wrote a complete guide of 101+ Things You Can Do at Home to become your best self, but in this article we will focus on few of the best tips when it comes to wellness. Here are some practical tips that can help.

5 Quarantine Wellness Tips:


1. Prioritize immunity.

Even as you stay at home most of the time, you will have to step out once in a while to buy essentials or for medical appointments.

It is vital to keep your immunity levels on the top so that you can beat the virus even if it strikes.

Thankfully, it is easy to go the extra mile with immunity boosting foods and supplements.

Drink herbal teas and load up on herbs and spices that strengthen your immune system naturally.

2. Stretch regularly.

The worst thing about being in quarantine is that you miss out on your fitness regime.

You cannot go to the gym, and outdoor exercise is also restricted.

But you can still stretch regularly to keep your muscles in shape.

It can also help you with the WFH woes because continuous sitting and wrong posture can cause aches and pains.

Set the timer for every couple of hours, move around, and stretch, and you will feel much better at the end of the day.

3. Deal with anxiety.

Staying sane during quarantine requires you to have an effective anxiety alleviation strategy.

Start your day with meditation and deep breathing to help you cope with the WFH stress.

Cannabis makes an excellent wellness aid if you want to deal with anxiety naturally.

You can choose a strain that works for anxiety and invest in a bodhi glass device to get started.

They are available in incredible looks and styles, and you can pick one perfect for your needs.

4. Connect with others.

Connecting with others is another effective way to stay happy, safe, and sane even as you stay indoors for weeks or months.

Stay in touch with friends, family, and loved ones with video calls.

It will be helpful for you and them as you deal with isolation and distancing.

Regular calls with colleagues keep your productivity and motivation levels on top.

Arrange weekend get together to discuss things other than work and stay connected as a team.

5. Utilize downtime for self care.

The final piece of advice is to utilize downtime for self face because you may have never done it in the routine.

It is a good time to create a self care routine.

Start by cooking healthy meals for your family, spending time exercising and meditating together, and doing activities you enjoy.

Start writing a journal because it helps you purge the negative emotions and think positively even during the crisis.

Staying safe and sane in quarantine is easy, provided that you are committed to positivity and self care.

Embracing these simple measures can get you on the right track.