3 Secrets for Gaining More Confidence Within Yourself


Having confidence is not just about the way you present yourself to others.

It is also about the way you feel about yourself.

Although many people are capable of putting on an air of confidence, that does not always mean that that is their genuine belief or feeling.

For some, it can be difficult to find confidence within themselves, due to previous experience, trauma, mental health, or the simple doubts that a person can have regarding their own abilities or worth.

Finding ways to help yourself to become more confident, without showing signs of cockiness or arrogance, will not only allow you to feel more comfortable in your own skin, but can also help to benefit you both within your work and when socializing with others.

3 Secrets for Gaining More Confidence:


1. Consider what You Can Change.

There are some parts of a person that cannot be changed.

For example, if a person lacks confidence because of a disability, there may not be much, if anything, that can be done to rectify this problem.

Instead of looking at the things that cannot be resolved, you should instead turn your attention to pain points that could potentially be fixed, such as vision problems.

Something as simple as looking at myopia treatment advice from AllAboutVision could help you to discover the options available to you to rectify your eyesight, giving you more confidence knowing you have taken steps to change something that might have previously held you back.

2. Use Mantras.

Negative thinking can quickly hamper any confidence you do have.

Whether this negativity is caused by a problem that has occurred, something someone has said, or your own doubts is irrelevant.

What is important is that you take steps to bolster your confidence. In doing so, you may find that this greatly helps your mental health overall too.

Using a mantra for confidence is akin to giving yourself a much needed pep talk, that can allow you to refresh your mind and move forward from whatever has caused you trouble.

By repeating this mantra to yourself several times a day, especially when looking in a mirror, you can eventually help yourself to believe the words you are saying, and feel like you are in far more control of your thoughts and feelings.

3. Focus on the Physical.

While looks may not be at the top of your priority list, it has been found that a person’s confidence level may increase if they feel good about their appearance.

Taking the extra few minutes to carefully select your outfit, style your hair, or even put on a coat of mascara might make a great deal of difference to how you feel about yourself.

At low points, such as when you have had bad experiences or generally feel unwell, this can really help you to feel a bit more in control, and like you are more on top of the situation.

Confidence is something that comes easily for some, while others need to work hard to attain it. By motivating yourself to find ways to overcome a lack of confidence, you can change the way you present yourself to the world. If you want to dive even deeper, here is an article that will reveal the things nobody told you about building and boosting your confidence in life.