6 Ways How Your Home Or Apartment Can Affect Your Well Being


A house is more than just walls that provide shelter from outside threats.

It is an extension of your identity, your sanctuary where you get to rest, eat, sleep, work and spend time with family.

Every bit of it says something about you and your personality, and it is often a reflection of your state of mind.

It is known that we impact our homes, from the way we maintain them to the way we decorate them but did you know that your home also impacts your mental and emotional well being?

Yes, this relationship is a two way street, so read the following and see whether you should change some things around your home.

Here are several factors that have a serious impact on your life quality.

6 Ways How Your Home Can Affect Your Well Being:


1. Poor Housing Conditions.

It has been proven that poor housing conditions such as inadequate facilities for sleeping, personal hygiene and food storage, indoor air pollutants, excess noise, electrical hazards, structural failure, contaminated water, poor ergonomics, and inadequate lighting to name a few can trigger various health conditions from respiratory infections, lead poisoning and injuries to mental health issues like depression.

Poor housing conditions can even lead to hostility among residents.

However, it is not just the inside of your house that matters.

People who live in neighborhoods that have a lot of vacant lots, rundown houses, and trash can feel hostile.

On the other hand, those who live in nice neighborhoods are more satisfied, peaceful, and willing to help others.

2. Clutter.

If you wish to enjoy a greater sense of peace, consider decluttering your home.

Empty your closet, cupboards, and junk drawers and see which items should be sold, donated, or kept.

If you have a garage it is quite possible that you use it as storage for things you might need someday, that day usually never comes, so take time to clean it and organize the items you will keep.

Decluttering your home is great for your mental health since clutter is often a source of stress.

Whether you realize it or not, dealing with thousands of things you have in your home is exhausting and wastes a lot of your energy on a daily basis.

3. Impersonal décor.

A home is a place where you should be surrounded by pieces that bring you joy.

By buying pieces that resonate with you, you are able to express your identity.

As we grow older we evolve, so don’t be afraid to look for new decor ideas for your walls and decorate your home in a way that reflects your new identity.

4. Poorly Chosen Colors.

It is no secret that colors have the power to affect our mood, so you should be careful when choosing the colors for your walls.

By doing this strategically, especially in your kitchen and bedroom, you can improve the quality of your life.

Wisely chosen colors can help you feel happier, more satisfied, and productive.

Therefore, research which colors produce which emotions before you grab your paintbrush.

5. Layout and Architecture.

Over the years the floor plans have evolved and walls that were built to separate halls, living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms are nowadays being knocked down to create a more open concept.

This is good news since this type of layout is more beneficial to mental health.

An open concept can even strengthen cognitive abilities, so if there are too many walls in your home, consider grabbing a sledgehammer and redesigning your space.

6. The View from Your Home.

Believe it or not, what you can see through your window can affect the way you feel.

If you are buying a new home, try finding a location where you will look at green spaces, water, or the sky.

Being able to enjoy these views from your window can provide a sense of calmness and center your soul.

Your home should help you live your best life, and not affect your mental health and lower your productiveness. Therefore, use spring cleaning as an excuse to change all the things that impact your physical and emotional well being and invest in improving your home.

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