7 Steps to Purify Your Life by Eliminating Clutter In Your Home


A cluttered surrounding usually creates a cluttered thinking. This is so true when you have accumulated things that you seldom use or even never use at all.

For example, you bought a piece of furniture because it’s on sale. But you don’t know where to place it in your home.

It only adds up to the clutter and even gets in your way.

Think of things you possess like obstacles for thought flow. Some things help you be more effective, while others are just that, obstacles on your way.

To eliminate clutter in your home means to get rid of the things that you no longer use and are blocking your thought flow.

Follow these steps to simplify your life and eliminate clutter in your head.

7 Steps to Purify Your Life by Eliminating Clutter:

1. Make a list of all your things.

TIP: Categorize them from the most important to the least important. The least important are those that you seldom or never use.

2. The most important are the things that you use every day or on special occasions.

3.  Dispose of all the things that are not important or you no longer use.

4. From the list of your most important things, figure out if you will actually use all the things from that list. 

5. Get rid of the lowest 20% of things that you are not likely to use from your list.

6. Arrange the remaining items in their proper places.

7. Have your unwanted items on sale. Or better yet give them away or donate to foundations.

7 Advantages of Living Minimalist Lifestyle:7 Steps to Purify Your Life by Eliminating Clutter

Eliminating clutter in your home is the first step to a living a simple life or having a minimalist lifestyle.

Many people are living a minimalist lifestyle because simple living means more peace of mind. When you follow a minimalist lifestyle you will enjoy the following:

– You become a conscious shopper because when you are out to buy something, you are already aware to purchase only the things that have a real purpose to you.

– You start to live an economical lifestyle and save up only for things that have value.

– Your life is more effective and efficient. You don’t need a long time searching for something among your bunch of things.

– You have more space to move around because your things don’t require a lot of storage that occupies extra space.

– You are much happier in your own home. Having things you need will make you less guilty of spending your money on things that are not of much use.

– You find it easier to clean your home since you only have fewer things to move.

– You have more freedom and are not weighed down by things.

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