6 Affirmations to Get Rid of Anxiety That Will Help You When You Feel Overwhelmed by It


The world we are living in might seem scary and chaotic and uncertain. However, facts say that despite what is happening, this is the safest and most comfortable period in the history of humanity.

However, we also live in times when anxiety, depression and panic attacks are on the rise.

This strange dichotomy might not be as strange, but we have to look closely.

If we try to find a pattern between the increase of comfort and anxiety, it’s easy to understand what is happening, we might even see how comfort and anxiety are linked together.

In fact, the biggest indirect cause for the increase of anxiety in the world comes from being too stuck within the comfort zone.

The nature of human beings is to push past their limits, to explore unknown places and experience things that have not be experienced.

That’s how we evolved. This is a dynamic deeply embedded within our evolutionary code and when I say deeply I mean millions of years of programming.

In the past 50 years, we have created the most comfortable environments ever known to humans. We don’t need to hunt for food anymore, we can sit at home, watch whatever TV show we want and with a click of a button we can have food delivered at our doorstep.

This means that the comfort we have created has bigger and thicker walls than ever before. It demands greater will and conscious effort for us to go out of it.

Something that was natural for us for millions of years, something that made us feel uncomfortable, we have to consciously force ourselves to do it now. And even the piles of research done by neuroscience psychology show us how small, positive stressors, that push us slightly outside of our comfort, like strength training or cold exposure, give huge benefits to our mental well being.

If we don’t push ourselves to be uncomfortable, if we stay too much time within our comfort zone, this evolutionary programming will signal that something might be wrong, that there might be danger somewhere around us, that we should be on alert.

It does this because for millions of years it was true, even though now it isn’t, we still need a lot more time to reprogram this evolutionary programming. So we feel that something is wrong, that there is possibility of some danger, but we don’t know what and where, hence, anxiety.

In this article I want to present to you some affirmations you can tell yourself whenever anxiety shows up in your life.

The best way is to practice coming out of your comfort zone once in a while, but these affirmations will also help as first aid whenever anxiety shows up.

6 Affirmations for Getting Rid of Anxiety:


I am stronger than I think.

Telling to yourself that you are stronger than you think is reassuring yourself that even if there is a possible danger you are not seeing, even if there is something wrong, you are strong enough to handle it.

I am in control.

Most often anxiety shows when you feel like you are not in complete control of your surroundings. Telling to yourself that no matter the circumstances you are in full control of yourself and your response will take the emotional surge of your anxiety out of you.

I’ve survived this before and I’ll survive it again.

Reminding yourself that you have survived many things in your life, some even harder than most people face, will reassure you that you can handle what is thrown at you. Think on all the curve balls you have managed to survive and your anxiety will slowly fade.

My anxiety does not define me.

This should be your daily reminder, not just for anxiety but for all emotions. Yes, what we feel seems real to us, sometimes we even identify with our emotions, but the reality is that we are not our emotions. Your anxiety does not define you. You are not less of you just because you feel anxiety. It’s ok to feel anxiety, you are not your anxiety.

My feelings are allowed to be here.

Whatever you feel it’s valid and it’s ok to feel it. Most of our anxiety comes from us trying to run away or ignore what we feel because we don’t think it’s appropriate. Everything you feel is there to tell you a message, you don’t have to base your decisions to the message, you don’t have to agree with it, but be objective about these parts of yourself and listen to them. That’s how you become whole, by listening to all the parts of your self.

I am enough.

The deepest cause of any anxiety is the sense that you are not enough. You are not strong enough, good enough, experienced enough, whatever form it takes, you feel like you are not enough. And this causes anxiety for you to face the world. Telling yourself that you are good enough is taking out the core of anxiety. It’s not about lying to yourself that you are good and experienced, it’s about reminding yourself you are enough to become whatever you want to become.

How to Use This Article?

👉 Step 1. Whenever you feel anxiety the first thing is to acknowledge it and embrace the emotion, not resist it.

👉 Step 2. After you embrace the emotion, use any of the 6 affirmations in this article that you find most effective personally for you.

👉 Step 3. Experiment with your own affirmations and find ones to armor with for common anxiety inducing situations.

All the knowledge on the planet will not help you if you do not take action.