5 Ways How You Can Use Modern Technology to Live The Life That You Want


Humanity is advancing in every direction. Yet many people believe that the world is a worse place than 100 years ago. This is up for discussion at least.

Just think about the advancements in technology. You probably think that that’s exactly what steered the world to the wrong direction.

But what if it’s the other way around? What if few people thinking outside of the box invented powerful tech, so powerful that we cannot handle it.

So it handles us. Maybe the problem is not in advancement of technology but in. the way we use the tools we have created.

Right at this moment you have tools that no king in any period of human history dreamed of. But we use it to escape and distract yourself most of the time, and props to you for using it to read this article and educate yourself.

In this article we hope to give you a glimpse just how powerful the tech you have is, and how you can use it to live the life that you want to live.

5 Ways to Use Modern Technology to Live The Life That You Want:


1. Use it as your tool for Education.

Is there a skill you always wanted to learn? Is there a topic. you are highly interested in? Maybe an author you always wanted to read?

With just couple of searches you can find free videos and really cheap audio books that you can read straight from the device you are reading this article from.

And these videos will not just slightly scratch the surface of the skill you want to learn. They will dive to the deepest structure and teach you step by step, unlike anything you can learn in school filled with many people.

What is stopping you to spend 30 minutes per day and actually learn the skill that you want to learn? Go here and find something that interests you can do at home.

No matter what it is, playing an instrument, painting, writing, even starting your own online business, you can do it, most likely for free on YouTube, and in a way that is entertaining.

Because even the content producers are fighting to get more views by making the best possible videos. So use this insanely powerful opportunity to update your skillset with skills you always wanted to have.

2. Use it as your tool for doing Business.

In the past you needed to go and apply for a job, to look a certain way, to have experience. Starting your own business meant going all in not knowing if you took the right step.

Today you can do this from your bed wearing your sleeping gear. You need internet and the device you are reading this on, nothing else.

Of course, you might need to find some knowledge about what you want to start, but even that is out there, for free. The rest is up to you, your willingness to put in the work and take the necessary steps. Sometimes the process can take many hours, it’s always like this when you first start to build something.

In our case, we remember that building this website took us many effort at first, we worked every day, all day. And this took us a lot of energy, but also, big problem we had was the battery of the devices we worked on. We remember that we worked couple of hours, than we waited for them to charge for many hours, then worked, than charged. It was annoying. But our advice to you, if you work on your business, do not work while charging, it can damage your battery. You should get something that can charge your devices faster instead, if you work on them many hours of your day. You can get VOLTA Charger, it’s the world’s strongest magnetic cable, it charges quickly and it saved us a lot of time and energy. You can use the time for charging to have a rest.

Everything you have as an idea, you can build online as your business. All you need is to have a business idea, do a research, find people who actually do it, follow their steps and keep taking action.

That’s it. If you follow a proven process you can start your online business today and all you need is to keep following the steps. Who could have imagined this 100 years ago? So what are you waiting for? Use this opportunity.

3. Use it as your tool for Expanding Your Social Circle.

If you are like majority of human population these days, meeting new people is a dreadful activity. It’s like life or death for most people.

This is a reaction that’s disproportional to reality and it seems inappropriate to just go and say hi to someone. This is due to how we are conditioned.

But even this has a solution. Instead of going out and meeting new people, you can do that through the device you are reading this article on from your home.

You can go on Social Media, find likeminded people who share your interests and jump on a conversation with them.

4. Use it as your tool for Organization.

Most of the devices you can use have applications to help you organize your life better. From reminders to maps, these apps work to make your life easier.

So use them in such way. Instead of blinding yourself by scrolling through social media, use the apps on your device as tools within the tool and make your life more organized.

Even if you want to go somewhere, travel, buy something, you can use the internet to find the shortest and safest route and the things you are looking for in seconds.

This is a power that is beyond anything people 100 years ago could have thought of, it’s something you cannot even describe to a king from the past without looking like a wizard or a mad man.

So write your goals, create gameplan to reach them, use the apps as tools to push yourself in the right direction. You can be a slave to modern technology or you can use it as your best friend who lives to see you reach your goals.

5. Use it as your tool for Positivity.

Most people use their devices for entertainment. To be mindlessly distracted from the heaviness of their daily tasks.

And they have no control over their feed, over what they are feeding their mind with.

But every single app, every device is giving you the options to customize your feed to your own needs.

So why are you not using that opportunity to create a feed that pushes you in a positive direction.

Follow people that inspire you, listen to music that’s uplifting to you, watch videos that bring you happiness and laughter.

This is all just few calories away, just few customization options you can do and then it’s automatic.

How to Use This Article?

Step 1. Take one from each of the 5 examples that resonates most with you and choose how you can use technology to live the best life that you want.

Step 2. Choose what you will exactly use your tools for and set them up, find accounts you need, subscribe to channels, bookmark articles.

Step 3. Create systems in your day, replace mindless scrolling with active using of these tools and just start.

All the knowledge on the planet will not help you if you do not take action.