30 Day Writing Challenge, How It Helps You Build A Daily Writing Habit


As an author ay Life Coach Code I am writing and producing fresh content daily. But it wasn’t like this in the beginning.

I was not able to write one article of 700 words for a whole week. It’s always hard when you start, whatever it is that you start.

Even writing is hard to master, it’s like a muscle, the more you train it the stronger this muscle becomes. Now I can write an article in matter of hours.

I trained my writing muscle and so can you. Anyone can train it. Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Many of the best authors on the planet sit and try to empty their thoughts down onto the laptop screen or a diary, but they can’t simply write.

Writing needs continuous practice. Even if the work you do is not the best work that you do, it’s about training the muscle. You need to a writing habit.

The best way to start is with a 30 day writing challenge. The daily writing forces your brain into developing a writing habit.

In general, writing your thoughts down can be a life changing trick. Yet, most of us go all our lives, not using it to our advantage.

We have many articles here on Life Coach Code where we describe the mental and emotional benefits of daily writing.

What makes the 30 Day Writing Challenge highly effective to help you build a habit by the end of it is the urgency with which you are expected to write.

Writing anything requires focus and undivided attention. Having no deadlines ruins the situation for us and make us lose sight of our destination. And that’s how the 30 Day Challenge rescues us.

How 30 Day Writing Challenge Helps You Build Writing Habit:


When you train your brain to produce content, you will create unlike any of the previous times you tried writing.

Your fingers will spew magic on our laptop screens only because you have made writing your priority.

The urgency to complete the task will also have you checking your progress and setting small but achievable goals.

This sense of urgency will be a crucial factor that keeps you going. Sometimes, you may want to procrastinate, but a 30 day challenge will compel you to write consistently.

Habit building is a process and not just an event. New habits need some changes in your lifestyle choices daily.

There are several ways of keeping this urgency in check. The most crucial ones include the following.

1. It Helps Your Follow Deadlines.

Be firm about your deadlines. If you write without a deadline, you’ll likely procrastinate and keep adding more work for tomorrow.

This’ll hinder you from ever truly achieving your goals. However, the 30 day challenge helps you can motivate yourself to follow deadlines.

An important thing to remember while making deadlines is to start slowly but realistically.

Don’t set an impossible target for yourself, because if you miss it, you’ll be demotivated. Start with setting smaller and achievable targets.

Not only will it keep you motivated but also allow you to increase your writing load as you go along.

You can also be innovative and challenge yourself differently. Set goals to write a certain amount of words or chapters until a pre decided date.

2. It Helps You Track Your Writing Process and Progress.

Tracking is crucial to your progress. If you don’t track how much you’re writing daily and in what time frame, you won’t have any reliable data to fall back on. Tracking is important as it allows you to see how far you’ve come.

Remember, writing is a process and you should deal with it as such. Don’t think of it as a definite destination.

That’s why tracking is important. It allows you to keep progressing without falling a victim to anxious thoughts.

However, you must be consistent in your tracking. To make sure you don’t lose sight of your goals, you need to have a system to track your progress. In case you fall back, you will have yourself trying harder.

Remember, whatever you do, keep tracking your writing process. It’s okay if you write just one page every day. The idea is to make a habit out of it and to track how far you’ve come from when you started the 30 day challenge.

3. It Helps You Keep Yourself Accountable.

We often skip through the tasks that are essential for us.

When you start with the 30 day writing challenge, you may start feeling burdened after some time. You might feel that you don’t have to follow it.

After all, who’s keeping a check on you? And therefore, accountability is crucial for this process to work.

You need some support to keep going, and your home team can help you with that.

Ask someone to check in with you about your progress. This way, you can ensure that you’re moving ahead in your writing process.

Remember, the final goal of following through the 30 day writing challenge is to become self accountable.

You shouldn’t depend on other people to nudge you into writing. It must come from within and this is where the challenge helps you become accountable.

You can start by seeking help from a friend. However, you’d notice that following this routine will make you self accountable.

It’ll turn a boring routine into something exciting that you look up to every day. Enjoying the writing process ensures that you follow through every day.

4. It’ll Help You Write A Story You’ve Always Wanted to Write.

We’re all imaginative and creative beings. We like telling stories, sharing stories, and creating stories.

This writing challenge will make you think about potentially writing your books. We all imagine writing an novel, but we think it’s so hard.

When you write for 30 days you will see it’s not that hard. It will bring out the storyteller in you and help you write the story you’ve dreamed of writing.

While doing so, it’s also important not to lose sight of why you started writing in the first place.

We all have different reasons to write, and we might need to go back to them now and then to get a little inspiration and motivation.

So, do revisit those thoughts and let the challenge help you create what you’ve always wanted.

Now that you know how the challenge can help you, it’s time for you to take it up. You can have any reason to take this challenge. Perhaps, you want to be a fiction writer or desire to hone your skills as a non fiction essayist or writer. In any case, the challenge will make you more disciplined and a better writer. Just start writing for 30 days every day.

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