The Main Reason Why Is It Important To Merge The Modern and The Holistic Approach With A Suitable Health Insurance Option


You’re about to read an unpopular opinion that is worth considering as you seek a well rounded, comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Before the opinion is given, picture a Venn diagram in your head. That’s where circles overlap over a central point, for example, three circles shaped like a triangle with their centers labeled fluid, gas, and solid may have in their center the word water. Water is fluid until it is heated, at which point it becomes steam, a gas. When it’s frozen, it becomes ice, a solid. Get the picture?

Just like there are multiple states of matter, liquid and gas, and they all meet at one group that is for example, water, the same way healthcare should be approached by all of the states that might construct it.

The healthcare that is properly comprehensive will similarly have three circles, traditional medicine, non traditional medicine, and personal discipline. In the center will be the word secure health.

Here’s the unpopular opinion, not all healthcare professionals really know what they’re doing on the grand picture of health. They just know from their point of view.

That may sound like something easy for a layman to say, but consider the numbers. While this is debatable, some sources insist some 250,000 people die annually through medical malpractice. That’s more than three times the average deaths which develop from influenza every year, and five times the average mortality which derives from vehicular accident.

Something To Truly Consider:


You are The Creator of Your Own Body.

Keep in mind, these numbers are only for America. Worldwide, different numbers come into play. All that to say this, doctors make mistakes just like anybody else. Have you ever gone to an auto mechanic? You may not be a mechanic yourself, but because you know the vehicle you drive every day, sometimes you’ve got a better idea what’s wrong than the mechanic.

This will be a rare situation, but it’s one most people experience at some point. Also, even if you don’t know better than the mechanic, there’s still a likelihood he’ll make a mistake. He might replace the wrong part, or neglect to perform maintenance on a key vehicular operating system. Mechanics have blueprints for the vehicles they work on.

Mechanics have guides, training, experience, and knowledge pertaining to why things work, and why they don’t. Meanwhile, doctors have to reverse engineer their understanding of health from the human body. There are no available blueprints. There are no manufacturer specs or white papers which exist on the biological machine our soul inhabits.

Doctors have had to pool information and blindly feel around in the dark for hundreds of years to learn what works, and what doesn’t, in terms of healthcare. This is why procedures like lobotomies were popular in the earlier part of the 20th century, even though we think such practices are downright barbaric today.

Now we do not say that doctors do not know what they are doing, we are just giving you another point of view. We want to make you see all picture not just one side. Of course you should consult with professional doctors first, but do not forget that you are the creator of your body. And remember that they are humans too they make mistakes sometimes and they are just one side of the picture of health.

Modern medicine is the one side that you should listen to first, before anything else, but you should not go deaf to the other sides of the picture of health. But there are health practices that you can implement in your life that will certainly help you become healthier and better version of yourself.

Even Non Holistic Medicine Has Its Issues.

There are certainly practices common in western medicine today about which we will look back on from the future and shake our heads. So though professionals in this field know more than you, and have greater experience, they are still going to make mistakes, they are still going to have wrong opinions, and you can’t rely on western medicine as a monolith.

Eastern countries have longer continuous traditions of society, and with those longer traditions, knowledge is passed down for centuries that has been lost in the west.

There are solutions through such avenues which may help you with nerve issues or persistent pain where western pharmaceuticals fail. Acupuncture is becoming more recognized by western medical professionals, though as yet it isn’t entirely endorsed across the board. It’s to be expected other, similar options may become mainstream in western cultures soon.

That being said, just because there are eastern solutions which may work where western ones fail doesn’t mean all holistic options actually work. A lot of crystal healing is purely of the placebo variety, which means there’s basically just a psychological impact that doesn’t really have any physiological effect.

The alternative medicine has its flaws, for sure. But the wisdom it carries within itself is the key to healing the root causes that modern medicine fails to see.

The problem with alternative medicine is that it lacks structure and most of it is based on skewed teachings that distorted the real practice through centuries of reinterpretations.

Covering All Your Bases And Finding Your Balance:

For this reason, it’s essential for you to have some sort of health insurance plan providing effective solutions.

To condense these thoughts into a single phrase, you want all options on the table. Just because you’re not a professional doesn’t mean you have poor judgement in seeking health solutions for that which ails you.

This is especially true for conditions like cancer. Cancer can be successfully treated through chemotherapy, but some contend the cure is worse than the disease. Meanwhile, there are natural diet and exercise options of a more holistic variety that have been shown to successfully treat cancer.
For those who have studied traditional western medicine and more holistic, eastern techniques, it’s well known that a controversy exists in this area.

The thing is, controversy isn’t the same as an absolute repudiation of technique. Instead of doing one or the other, what would be the most wise is picking and choosing known elements from both.

The truth is, you don’t want to err too much one way or the other. Both have wacky, kooky elements to them which aren’t necessarily the best for you to live your life by. Both definitely have their advantages as well.

So don’t throw the baby out with the bath water just because some people swear by crystals and there are, on the other side, cases of malpractice. Instead, find your balance.

And note that the purpose of this article is not to make you doubt the modern medicine or try to make you do decisions on your hand. Instead, we share this article to open your eyes to the two sides of the grand picture of health so you can see all the options. However, in our opinion, you should always consult a professional doctor before making any decision for your health.