11 Signs You Are A Creative Sensitive And How To Unlock Your Superpower


“The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this: A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.” — Pearl S. Buck

The most creative people are inhumanly sensitive. And most sensitive people are unusually creative. It can feel, at times, like these two traits are somehow related.

The truth is, creativity and sensitivity are not just related but they complement each other like two parts of a bigger whole.

Sensitivity feeds creativity and creativity requires heightened sense about life. Experiencing life on a much deeper level is the way of sensitives.

For a highly sensitive person a kiss is an ecstasy, a gaze is a miracle, a friend is a lover, a lover is a god, music is healing, and beauty can be hypnotic.

But a Creative Sensitive uses this hypersensitivity to feed their creativity, that’s how they end up creating world changing pieces of work.

What Is A Creative Sensitive:

Creative Sensitive people often pick up on the little things in the environment that others miss, see patterns where others see randomness, and find meaning and metaphor in the minutiae of everyday life.

They are deeply touched by a piece of art, a beautiful song can give them goosebumps that last for minutes and a movie scene can leave them in tears or even change the course of their life.

Most people think that being highly sensitive person is a weakness, but any Creative Sensitive can prove the opposite, being highly sensitive person is actually a superpower and only few who are given this gift know how to use it.

Many famous musicians like Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton, the best authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, psychologists like Carl Jung, even the most brilliant scientists like Albert Einstein, from Dalai Lama to Jim Carrey, most people who impacted the course of the world were, and are, Highly Sensitive Creatives.

To be highly sensitive is like having a highly sensitive skin. If you touch a person with normal skin, and a person with skin without its first protective layer, the person with skin without its protective layer will feel your touch much stronger than the person with normal skin because their skin is much more sensitive.

Highly sensitive people are without this first protective layer, but not on their skin, instead on their emotions. They feel the world much stronger than normal people, and this is the secret of their hidden superpower. That’s why they can create things that leave everyone in shock. See if you are a Creative Sensitive.

11 Signs You Are Creative Sensitive:


1. You struggle with low self confidence.

You have a negative self image, you continuously seek approval from others, you are sensitive to criticism, you do not see yourself as good enough and you are in constant competition with others.

2. You find it hard to make decisions.

You tend to overthink, or even postpone deciding your plans until last minute because it stresses you.

3. You lack strong will to pursue your goals.

You know what to do, but for some reason you feel it’s too hard to follow through and execute, you lack enough will and your motivation dries out quickly, you feel it’s somehow harder for you than for others.

4. You consider yourself as really creative.

There were countless times that you surprised others and even yourself with your own creativity, when it comes to being creative you just know you are, without even questioning.

5. You show signs of high intelligence.

In school, university or college you felt as superior to others, you felt like the things you were learning are pointless and common sense or that you would not need them at all in your life, you used your intelligence to move through things much easier than others in various circumstances through your life, you might have manipulated others in some way so things turn as you like them to be.

6. You struggle with anxiety or depression.

At some point in your life, or maybe even now, you struggled with anxiety and depression, you feel this anxiety mostly in the mornings as you wake up, you have or had problems with your hormones, possibly your thyroid gland.

7. You have an open mind and accept other people’s opinions.

You can play with different ideas and you feel comfortable talking about controversial subjects like religion, gender equality, paranormal phenomena, science, The Universe and aliens, you respect every person’s opinion even if you sometimes do not agree completely with them.

8. You weren’t supported by your parents when you needed it most.

Your family and most people in your childhood saw your sensitivity as weakness, every time you shared your passions, curiosities and ideas, others saw them as too unrealistic, you might have been even ridiculed as childish, naive or inexperienced, and all you did was see through the pretense, the blame games and the lies others kept telling themselves.

9. You choose to follow your heart.

You always had strong intuition, you always knew that the right thing to do was to follow your heart, and whenever you did follow your heart great things came into your life, greater than you could have ever imagined, but many times you don’t really know what your heart wants.

10. You know you have a bigger purpose but don’t know exactly what.

You have this deep sense that you are here for a big reason, that there is so much more to you waiting to be unleashed and developed, that you should play an important role in this life, that there is a greater purpose waiting for you to find it, but you don’t have a clue what it is or what you should do to follow it.

11. You are hyperaware.

Where someone might be aware of three things in a room, you are aware of ten, you subconsciously absorb information about the temperature in the room, the lights, the people inside, their energy, emotions, facial expressions, the sounds and noises, your subconsciousness is aware of everything.

How To Unlock Your Secret Gift As A Creative Sensitive:

If you found yourself in more than 3 of these signs than congratulations, you are a Creative Sensitive. But what does this mean? What you should do?

Many who are labeled as highly sensitive individuals think they need to overcome their sensitivity, like it’s some type of mental problem or adversity.

Instead, what everyone should realize about High Sensitivity is that it’s a gift, a super ability that you don’t overcome, but embrace. You learn how to use it in your benefit.

It’s like you are Superman with the gift of flight but you don’t know how to use it. And as you walk randomly you start levitating without control, you try grabbing things to get on the ground and keep walking, you struggle living like this every day being on the mercy of the randomness of your flight ability, it just makes your life harder.

You don’t need to overcome your super ability, you need to learn how to use it and become Superhuman.

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