SHOCKING! This Video Explains More about What is a Soul than about Physics!


I watched a video from “The Physics Girl” my dear friend shared on Facebook and I realized something. The video explains A LOT more about THE SOUL than about physics. It actually explains what is a SOUL and how the SOUL creates YOU.

It’s like this..

The real YOU is not just your Physical Self. It is the unity of your Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental Self.

Those smaller little parts of you, like little pieces of a puzzle, were created as an effect of scattering which happens when something projects onto lower dimensions.

Your SOUL, which is what the real YOU is a shadow of, projects itself onto the 4th and 3rd dimension, or Time and Space.

Those 2 dimensions..

what is a soul and where it is fromAre something like keys of a piano, to be more exact like a white key and the dark key next to it. We don’t live in the 3rd dimension really, we are strung between the 3rd and the 4th playing with 1s and 0s which are the 2nd dimension.

We rarely live in the now, instead we surf between the memories of the past and the possibilities of the future. Even seeing has a small delay until your brain creates the information, your sense of sight inputs, into an image. The image you see as “now” is actually slightly in the past.

There’s a little mind “Boom” for you right there 😀

The thing is..

the laws of physics are also just a representation, a projection of higher laws. And usually experimenting with laws of physics shows us a glimpse of how we look from those Higher Realms.

That’s why science and spirituality are 2 sides of the same coin. The one looks down and the other looks up, and we know that as above so bellow. And we are in the middle.

While you watch the next video I want you to imagine that your SOUL is the plate. The 2 vortex spinning circles are your Mental and Emotional Self, the tube that connects the 2 circles underwater is your Physical Self and if you imagine the other half of the tube above the water to create the whole plate is your Spiritual Self.

The opposite spinning circles are like the 2 sides of a magnet and the SOUL is the essence of the magnet which both of its sides create together.

Just imagine this while you watch the video and comment bellow if some idea or inspiration comes to you.

P.S. If you want to dive deeper in understanding what the soul is read this AWESOME short story which will blow your mind to a whole new level.

Spirit Points

<Like the plate, our Soul projects itself by impacting this reality and that creates 2 opposite spinning circles coming from the same essence>