These People Reversed their Diabetes in 30 Days through This Method!


Diabetes is a disease that can happen to anyone. From old people to young teenagers everyone has a potential of suffering from Diabetes.

What is DiabetesIt is a disease where the person loses the ability to control their blood sugar levels and needs to take pills or shots of insulin to help their body do the job.

There are countless of methods that offer management of this disease, however, no one has found a definite cure to restore the body’s ability to regulate the blood sugar levels.

Currently the belief is “Diabetes is a chronic disease that has no cure.”– The American Diabetes Association.

Be that as it may, Gabriel Cousens believes the cure of diabetes is in the diet. Raw food diet to be more exact.

The Method

Raw FoodThe approach Gabriel Cousens takes to cure people of diabetes is all about changing their diet.

Given his position on diet, he believes in taking a mainly raw approach to eating and consuming a plant based diet.

His team prepares raw, well-balanced and whole meals for the test subjects throughout the 30 day period. The food becomes their medicine.

With medical supervision, all of the subjects took their medication as needed and ate the food that is provided to them by Gabriel and his team at the Tree Of Life Rejuvenation Center.

The People Reversed their Diabetes in 30 Days!

By Day 3 of the program Kirt, Bill and Henry were able to stop taking insulin and medication. Their blood sugar levels had already dropped to the normal range after just 3 days of changing their diet.

Pam was able to cut her insulin intake by 1/3.

Raw Food DietAustin, the type 1 diabetic, was able to cut his insulin intake down to half. And Michelle saw her blood sugar at around 362.

This discouraged her to the point where she didn’t want to stay in the program any longer, although she did.

By day 12 of the program, Henry’s blood sugar had dropped 256 points compared to day 1.

He was not using medication to lower his blood sugar levels. Although he was seeing great results, Henry felt he was too old for the program and requested to go home.

His family arrived on day 17 and he went home. By that time, he was no longer taking 17 medications, he had lost 30 pounds and his blood pressure had decreased. In Henry’s case, his addiction to the food he used to eat was too difficult to overcome.

By the very last day, day 30, incredible results were seen that intensely challenges the current belief that diabetes has no cure.

  • Kirt no longer needed medications. His blood sugar had dropped 214 points to as low as 73 (normal) without medication. It was later found out he was type 1 diabetic since the beginning.
  • Bill stopped taking 19 medications and lost 32 pounds. His blood sugar dropped 214 points to 74 (normal) without medication or insulin.
  • Michelle stopped taking all of her medications and lost 23 pounds. Her blood sugar dropped from 291 to 109 without the use of medication.
  • Pam lost 26 pounds while her blood sugar dropped 167 points down to 112 without medication.
  • Austin, who is type 1 diabetic, lost 20 pounds and reduced his insulin from 70 units down to 5.

A type 1 diabetic (Kirt) had his diabetes completely cured -something that is considered impossible. All type 2 diabetics no longer needed insulin.

So does eating raw organic diet really cures Diabetes?

Fact is that food is responsible for over 70% of our health. What we put inside of our bodies becomes a part of us.

Knowing this and taking in account the experiment above we can say that it is very possible this to be a simple Natural cure. It is logical.

After all, what’s to lose if you try for 30 days to eat healthy food?

If anything you’ll feel a lot better and you’ll have A LOT more energy!

Have you ever tried raw food to cure your diabetes? We are curious to hear some real live results from others.

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