Run a Marathon! – A Complete Guide for Beginners (INFOGRAPHIC)


If you read my blog you know how much I’m annoying about running. There are countless other exercises but I always speak about running.

I even have a separate category about running.


Running is the one exercise that unites all four pillars of your being, of course if you know how to run.

Running is not about the millage or the time. It is not about looking sexy or being fit. It’s not about health even.

Do you like to meditate? What is meditation for you? The average answer is “calm the mind” and that is true. But the answer is not complete.

Meditation is not just calming your mind, it is calming your body and heart also so you’ll be able to get to that center place of yourself.

From this place you are a spectator of your whole being and you can raise your spirit to fill your body, heart and mind with positive energy.

Running is the other side of the coin.

If meditation is calming your body and through it calming the mind and heart to bring energy to your body, running is activating your body and calming your spirit so you’ll be able to redesign some beliefs inside it.

Running is a necessity just like sleeping and meditating.

Have you ever wished to run a marathon? Have you ever thought how is it possible for anyone to run so much?

Everyone can do it, all it takes is a little training and discipline.

After you run a marathon you will start preaching to everybody to do it. It is not because of bragging, well.. it is just a little bit about bragging, but most of it is about the “high” you’ll get when you cross that finish line.

Here is a complete guide for beginners – Run a Marathon!

Running a marathon

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