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I was thinking, how to make reading articles more fun? What can I do to improve the entertainment of reading?

After meditating on this subject for a while I remembered why we read in the first place. It’s because of the story. We LOVE to read stories.

So I thought to myself why not create an article which is also a story in the same time. I still get to share my information and you have a FUN and ENTERTAINING time absorbing it. AWESOME right?

I went a little further. Why not make you, my loving readers, a part of the story so you’ll have an impact on how it plays out.

This is how I came up with “Choose Your Story” type of articles and this is the first one.

To Be or Not to Be Vegetarian?

To be or Not to be VegetarianA lot of people don’t really get why someone is a vegetarian. Why would someone avoid eating meat?

There are countless stereotypes about this subject.

Even people who are vegetarians don’t really get the whole point of being a vegetarian. Yes! It is not only to stop killing animals.

Let’s get to the story already, shall we?

You and I are going to meet up for some lunch.

We decided to hit up a restaurant.

We chose to go in some restaurant called “Foody”.

As we enter in the big hall of the restaurant I immediately notice the wooden interior which gives me a feeling of calmness and warmth.

We go to the table and we sit down. We are friends for a long time so we share a couple of chit chat, friendly words. You tell a joke I laugh I tell a joke you don’t laugh, I feel uncomfortable.. same old same old 😀

The Waiter: Welcome. (Gives us menus)

The conversation deepens and we have a wonderful conversation about spirituality and where we would like to see the world be in 50-100 years from now.

We talk about ways in which we can help preserve the environment and improve the quality of life for all beings on the planet. Noble and respectable topics of conversation, no?

The waiter comes, finally. We are both hungry as the wolf.

The Waiter: What would you like to eat today?

Dejan: (Looking in the menu) I would like to get.. an avocado sandwich with a soup.

The Waiter: Good choice sir. (Takes my menu away)

Dejan: Thanks.

The Waiter: And you madam/sir?

YOU: I would like to get..


1. “An avocado sandwich with a soup.”

The Waiter: Good choice! (Takes your menu away too)

We continue our conversation. Finally the food comes and we eat without saying a word.

We are full. It was delicious.

You: Are you a vegetarian?

Dejan: No. I just avoid eating unnecessary meat.

You: What do you mean unnecessary?

Dejan: Well if I don’t order now someone else who eats meat will have one meat more.

The restaurant will have enough meat to satisfy his cravings and it will not be necessary to call for more meat.

The factory than has 1 piece of meat more in their supply so they don’t need to produce more.

So in a way I am saving one piece of meat for people who are unaware. I am also expanding a day or two in the life of an animal.

You: So you don’t eat meat. You are a vegetarian.

Dejan: No. I eat meat when there is no one to eat it except me. Let’s say my grandma makes a lunch. The meat is cooked, that animal is dead and if no one eats it, it will decompose becoming a part of Nature’s cycle again.

However, if I eat it I can honor it by using its energy to make some conscious decisions and create a better world.

I can make my grandma understand why she needs to stop eating meat. Or maybe write an article to show the world what the honor of eating means.

You: So how do you label yourself.

Dejan: I am Deni. I don’t label myself. I honor something greater than me, that’s all I do.


Choose a different scenario:

2. “A hamburger with some cheese on it and a side salad.”

The Waiter: Good choice! (Takes your menu away too)

We finish eating. We pay, we split the bill, and we leave “Foody”.

We go to the park where you are supposed to meet up with your friend.

After you guys meet, I tell you to wait right where you are as I go and get something. You both wait patiently waiting to see what it could be.

I pull up with a massive transport truck filled with 400 full jugs of fresh water, all of which are 20 Litres in capacity.

You get the thought that maybe these are part of a project of mine which ties in to the conversations we had earlier at lunch.

Instead, I just take out the jugs and spend the next 6 hours pouring all of that fresh drinkable water down the sewer.

You and your friend insist I should stop and that people could use that water for drinking, especially in countries where freshwater is not as accessible as it is in ours.

I look at you straight-faced until all 2000 gallons are gone.

You feel sick to your stomach seeing 7 years worth of drinking water go completely to waste.

Then I proceed to take out 13 pounds of grain and dump it all straight down the sewer as well.

“What a waste of food and water!” you think to yourself.

“How many people could have used all of that fresh water and grain? How many trees were cut down to make room for the fields in which that grain grew?

How come we just had a talk about wanting to cure the earth, and then He blatantly wastes water and food that could have easily went to feed starving people in less fortunate parts of the world?”

I then turn the truck on and rev the engine long enough to have covered 5 miles of ground, creating a massive pollution cloud all around my truck.

After the smoke cloud settles, I bring a cow out of the truck and you start to feel happy again because of how cute it is.

As you and your friend begin to show love and compassion to it (which is the natural instinct of people, especially those who are spiritually aligned within themselves), I begin to beat it with a whip.

You start crying and ask me to stop, but I proceed to hit the cow for several minutes before hanging it from its feet from the roof of my truck as it screams in fear and pain.

It’s brother and sister are in the back of the truck too watching the whole thing, and you plead me to stop because you can sense that the cow just wants to be with its family.

I don’t listen, and I pull out a big knife, and I slit its throat right in front of you.

It’s squirms around trying to escape and makes groaning noises of distress and discomfort.

Finally, the cow dies in front of its family as I stand in a pollution cloud of greenhouse gas emissions over a pool of blood.

You don’t understand what is going on, yet earlier on during that day you participated in the exact same thing.

Dejan: It takes 2000 gallons of fresh water and thirteen pounds of grain to produce just one pound of beef.

Current production levels of meat contribute between 14 and 22 percent of the 36 billion tons of “CO2-equivalent” greenhouse gases the world produces every year.

Cows produce 60% of all amonia in our atmosphere, and 20% of the methane.

meatperpersoninfo480But why did I rev my truck for so long?

According to a study published in The Scientific American, It turns out that producing half a pound of hamburger for someone’s lunch releases as much greenhouse gas into the atmosphere as driving a 3,000-pound car nearly 10 miles.

YOU: Why? Why did you do all of that?

Dejan: To show you what happens behind the curtain.

We both wasted the same amount of water and grain that day!

We both caused equally as much unnecessary trauma and suffering to a living animal that was innocent and only wanted to live in peace, and we both destroyed our atmosphere to the same degree.

We were both hypocrites that day and contradicted what we said we were going to dedicate our lives to doing.

vegan-vs-meat-eater-1Do we have a right to unnecessarily cause another being pain and suffering, and violate their right to live, simply so we can pleasure our palate?

Are we justified in killing a cow and taking her calf from her because we can’t choose almond milk over dairy?

We don’t need to fill our bodies with the energy of fear and death.

Thanks to Steven Bancarz for this brilliant, eye opening story!


Choose a different scenario:

3. “Nothing, I am not hungry.”

The Waiter: Alright. (Takes your menu away too) Call me if you need something.

You: Ok.

The food comes and you try to take some from mine. I slap your hand and I look straight at your eyes.

Dejan: Deni doesn’t share food! (Friends reference)


Choose a different scenario:




Let’s try to understand the essence behind the story.

You probably think the same thing I thought:

“How only me not eating would save an animal?”, “What influence do I have when the animal is already dead?”, “A lot of people eat animals, if I don’t eat it some other person will.”

But let’s connect the dots.

Animal SlaughterIf you don’t eat that piece of meat someone else will eat it, yes.

But that someone else was going to eat the meat anyway, so in a way you are giving your piece of meat and saving the one he would have ordered.

This creates 1 piece of meat more than in the scenario where you were gonna eat it.

The restaurant will satisfy 1 customer plus without having to order more pieces of meat from the factory.

This makes the factory to have 1 piece of meat plus for distribution. It delays the necessity to produce more meat which delays the necessity to kill for more meat.

With not ordering 1 piece of meat you are giving an animal maybe a couple of days more to live.

The outcomes of eating meat and Society today.

Money ValueDespite being not so healthy, despite the fact that we are killing animals, despite the fact that it is pollution, despite the fact that it swims in fear produced toxins, I want to take in perspective one other segment. Honor.

Now this is something even a lot of vegetarians don’t understand, if not all.

We live in a society where we don’t need to hunt for our food.

In just a couple of steps away from your home there is a grocery store where you can find anything to eat. ANYTHING.

All you need to do is give a couple of units from your value, the physical representation we call money. This is a compensation for not having to hunt/gather your own food.

We are what we eat.

we-are-what-we-eat-SmallNow you must understand that what you put inside your body it becomes a part of YOU. The molecules, atoms, energy between, lots of it is absorbed by your body and used to have energy and produce new cells replacing the ones that die.

connect-with-a-deeper-human-natureSeven years ago your body was completely different from the one YOU have now and when I say completely, I mean every single cell in your body is different from seven years ago.

You must understand that life is a unity of Nature >The Body< and Source >The Consciousness<

Like a record, in the body is embedded all that the consciousness perceived and feels during the lifetime.

Like it or not those records are played by our bodies once we consume them. Feeling negative emotions sometimes can be an effect of the negativity you’ve consumed.

The greatest power of HUMANITY.

light_bodyWe, humans, the higher consciousness vessels are responsible for creating a LOVING FREQUENCY here on Earth, a beautiful environment filled with love.

We were sent here to produce that love because that’s what we best do, LOVE. No animal or any other creature loves with the intensity as we do, HUMANS, we are just afraid to SEE this fact.

Animals kill each other. They need to do that to survive. We are the ones who evolved and became civilized for a reason, it was because we are more conscious.

Animals survive. We Create! We Live! We Invent! We are the painters of reality.

An animal is honored if it becomes a part of the FREQUENCY that can feel such LOVE, that can create and invent a better life for everyone.

Nature is honored if we use it to create positivity and LOVE. To discover new aspects of itself and fall in love with them over and over again.

We can do that, we are HUMANS!

The HONOR behind our food.

unnatural-foodHowever, we’ve lost our ability to honor. We destroy Nature instead of improve it, instead of integrating our technology with it in balance.

We kill life to have energy to satisfy our desires. Taste, Smell, Touch.. instead of helping us orient they drive us.

We are more conscious but less aware.

We value things with shallow meaning, we fail to see the meaning behind deep values.

We don’t even find meaning in many of the things we do anymore. We don’t even perceive what we eat, it is something we do on a way to our jobs. It is something without honor.

A lot of things we eat are not even from Nature, they are made in labs.

Now let’s get back to the subject of vegetarianism.

I don’t approve vegetarianism. However, I don’t approve eating without honor also.

To be a vegetarian is not fine for me for one reason.

5-vegetable-vs-meatLet’s say you have a lunch at your grandma’s place. She is making a lunch. There is meat. She made you a portion too. But you don’t eat meat, what should you do?

You are a vegetarian and you don’t step out of it!

A vegetarian would buy something else to eat for lunch. But what about the meat? What about the animal?

It died and its meat is now on the table. If you don’t eat it no one else is going to eat it. It will decompose and become a part of Nature once again, which is fine.

But you can also honor it. You can make it a part of yourself and use its energy to promote knowledge about the honor of eating.

Maybe its energy would help you stop the dishonorable massacre of more animals.

Vibrate on the highest possible frequencyThat’s how you honor your food, by accepting the responsibility we all have as HUMANS. By being the best possible FREQUENCY you can be.

Also, there are blood types that benefit from eating meat. Our DNA has a code that was programmed a long time ago when we didn’t know any better.

Our bodies are built upon that memory, that code in our DNA that benefits from eating meat.

However, now we know better. Now we have a choice to decide what the code will be like in the next generations. Will we program animals or will we evolve into something else, something with higher consciousness?

If we want to evolve we need to act like it, live like it, feel like it, believe like it, that’s how we’ll write our code and share it with the future population.

So let not limit ourselves by labels like vegetarianism and meat eaters. Let’s focus on HONOR. Let’s think clearly and connect the dots.

Not every meat you don’t eat is used by another person and not every meat you’ll eat was not going to be eaten.

What matters is our frequency and the question “are we worthy enough of the food we eat?”

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