The Awakened Man: Russell Brand’s Wisdom – VIDEO!


It seems like more and more people are awakening and the process is speeding up.

The world is receiving some higher information, a higher consciousness and if we are courageous enough to see past the illusion we will gain higher knowledge. We will AWAKEN.

This requires a lot of courage as it is not a piece of cake to turn your back on everything you know and start re-learning the TRUTH.

Spiritual AwakeningThere are people who are courageous to choose TRUTH. These people are everyone, it is not important if you are young, old, a farmer or a movie star, if you are courageous to choose to awaken you will.

Russell Brand is one of these people. He is very conscious, aware and highly awakened human being.

Because of his celebrity leverage he is able to influence a lot of people to be more courageous and SEE what is really happening all around them.

The thing I honor the most about Russell Brand is that despite being able to live his life having all he could ever desire and not give a single >Censored Word< about the world’s problems, he chose to SEE past the illusion and that is even tougher.

A lot of individuals awaken because it is their only choice of happiness, because they don’t have a lot to satisfy their desires and they turn to a different side, more spiritual than material.

This is easier than having the perks to satisfy your every desire and still choose a righteous path of TRUTH. A lot more is sacrificed when it comes to what the SELF can gain and we must honor this intent.

I don’t want to come out as defending a side, poor vs. rich. Maybe some rich person had a better reach of the right information, maybe their lifestyle gave them a higher chance to experiment with courage, it doesn’t matter.

AwakeningWhat matters and what is worth to be honored is their intention, why do they chose TRUTH.

HonorHowever, this is not a competition. If it was, the essence of becoming awakened would be destroyed. It is about what YOU honor.

Choosing TRUTH is an act of honoring something greater than the SELF. Watch the video and try to UNDERSTAND and SEE what The Awakened Man is EXPRESSING.

Spirit Points

<Try to be courageous to choose the TRUTH>