Anna Akana’s Badass Advice Every Girl MUST Hear!


What would you say to your 16 year old self if you had the ability to go back in time?

Stop thinking about paradoxes and understand the metaphor of “saying something to your younger self”.

What it actually means is saying something to yourself NOW. Something you wish to hear at this very own moment. Some wisdom to heal your long forgotten scars or a proof that you have grown.

We all need a wisdom lesson from ourselves here and there. After all it is WE who are our best teachers.

When we are young we lack a lot of important knowledge. This lack of knowledge of how things actually work, what the world is and what is important creates a mindset produced by false beliefs.

It is normal, we all have been through that period of stupidity. It’s not a big deal. What is A BIG DEAL and very torturing is staying in this zone even when we are grown up. That is just wrong.

Technology has helped us today in countless ways and we can use it to actually send messages and knowledge to other 16 year old selves.

Anna Akana, the beautiful Asian you probably know from her YouTube miniseries Riley Rewind, or the other inspiring Vlogs and podcasts she and Ray William Johnson made, is sending a message to all 16 year old girls.

In her badass spirit, Anna is explaining various problems and their solutions 16 year old girls may have.

It is truly fascinating how the internet, YouTube, Facebook and other social media can help us connect and grow.

After all they are a POWERFUL TOOL only we can choose how to use. We can destroy each other but also we can choose to help one another grow as a unity.

Take a look at Anna Akana’s badass advice every girl must hear.

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