You Cannot Resist Goosebumps After Watching this Thai Commercial!


I watched this Thai commercial and I must admit, it gave me a warm smile and goose bumps. I don’t care what the commercial is about but it speaks a very noble message.

We tend to value things we can measure. Things like money, gold, diamonds, cars, technology… we tend to value the imaginary scoreboard we keep track of and we tend to help people who were nice to us or can help us somehow in the future.

It is not wrong to value these things. However, it is shallow. It is like eating only chocolate and never trying icecream. What we value is what gives meaning to our lives and valuing only things that can be measured will give you exactly that.

Why would you do a good deed to someone who cannot do anything for you? Why would you help a person who takes you for granted? Isn’t it better to stop helping them so they can see how important we are in their lives?

It is better, if you live for them. Living for someone else is a crime, it is a crime against your own existence. We are all living for ourselves and accepting this responsibility is doing the world a lot more favor than living for everyone else.

If you take away the burden you gave others to make you happy you give them a chance to do what they truly want. It is the most selfless thing you can possibly do.

However, helping others is more about gaining something priceless than living for them.

Ask yourself “Why wouldn’t I help?” What will you really lose if you help anyone? Your dignity? You won’t lead on the scoreboard?

We all want to see each other smile. We can all help each other. I am not speaking of giving someone 1000000 dollars kind of help, however, if you have money for giving they can also help. I am speaking of HUMAN help.

I am speaking of being the everyday hero and helping locally. Helping your community, you can even help your family.

We all love to help one another, it is what fulfills us.

You don’t have to spend an hour of helping every day, however, if you can afford to spend an hour a day please do that.

Smile to a stranger. That’s all you need to do to start a chain reaction of positivity. Help an old lady cross the street, do the cliché. Buy 5 bottles of water and give random labor workers on hot days. Make lemonade and share with your neighbors.

Make a sandwich and give it to a homeless person. You can even make a small conversation, eat with them, make them company for 15 minutes. If you put yourself in the Hero Vibe you will think of creative ways to help around.

The key is to help, anyway you can help no matter how small of a help that is. What this does is A LOT MORE than you think. It gives people hope back. It restores faith in humanity, it shows them that there is still good in this world no matter how small.

You will realize that in the end, it is you who helped yourself by helping others. It is you who rewarded yourself with something far greater than score. With something that cannot be measured.

You gave yourself the opportunity to experience honest smiles, pure HUMAN emotions coming straight from the heart. Valuing these emotions will open the horizons of your meaning beyond infinity. It is truly a privilege to have a memory of them.

Sometimes people need to have their faith rewarded. That’s all that a hero does, it gives hope. Be a HERO!

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