What’s The Downside of Smoothies ?


As a Life Coach I always promote a healthy lifestyle. I am happy to say that with every day more and more people are waking up from the false reality of pleasures they lived and realize that there is a better, healthier way.

The practice of a healthy lifestyle is at its highest percentage till now. People start exercising on a regular basis, switching their diets for healthier ones, we all start practicing gratitude, Meditation, self discovery and love. I believe that if we keep on doing this the world will become a better place.

However, not everything that seems healthy is healthy. There is a saying old people usually advice us with, “Everything in moderation, even moderation”.

Smoothies are a great substitute for a snack or even a meal. They are basically a “soup” of nutrients depending on what you put in the mix. They are tasty, easy to consume, fun to make, they hydrate your body, they are great for your metabolism and 100% Natural.

You probably wonder “What’s not to like in a Smoothie?” Well, there are people who have nothing better to do than to find the bad in the good. However, we need people like that because there are 2 sides to everything and being blinded by only one of them is never good, no matter what side you are on.

The negative side of Smoothies, Natural Juices and so on, is their sugar concentration. Our bodies are used to absorb the sugars we consume by slowly breaking down the food we eat.

Large amounts of sugars in already liquid form are kind of a shock for our bodies because they need to absorb large amounts of sugars in a very short period of time. Sugars give us energy but too much from everything is bad.

So what now? We give up on Smoothies? Hell no. We just need to find a way how to make them healthy again. Here is how.

The key to a healthy Smoothie lies in the moderation. We need to balance the ingredients of our recipes so we’ll consume less sugars, more protein and decent amount of nutrients.

After we create a perfect Smoothie recipe for our own needs, we need to limit its consumption to 1 smoothie per day.

The 1 Smoothie is best to be consumed as substitute for a meal, Breakfast or Lunch, Dinner is not so good idea.

The best way for me to drink a Smoothie is after a breakfast and morning workout as a substitute for energy boosting snack rich in protein to satisfy what I expended through the workout.

It is different for each individual of course, depending on the lifestyle, time, needs, desires, schedule and so on.

Experiment for a while, find your best way of drinking a Healthy Smoothie and keep on building a healthier lifestyle.

Remember that everything in moderation is good. The World depends on us and if we are happy and healthy we’ll create a happier and healthier world. Everything you do matter so take responsibility for your actions buddy.

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<The downside of smoothies is their concentration of sugars but if we balance the recipe and use everything in moderation we can create a harmless, healthy smoothie to add in our menu as a substitute for a meal or an energy boosting snack>