5 Effective Exercises You Can Do Almost Anywhere


Exercising is an essential part of our wellbeing. It is crucial to exercise if you want to strengthen and improve your body. As a Life Coach I tell everyone to exercise and there is no excuse for not exercising. No matter where you are or what you have there are effective Exercises You Can Do Almost Anywhere, and when I say “almost” I mean 99%.

Of course, it is easier to find an excuse and this is because we see exercising as something we need to do.

Why don’t you fall in love with exercising? If anything exercising is on your side, it is The Tool that Builds and Improves Your Body so you can function better in The World around you. Stop giving excuses and start wanting to exercise. Learn how to do these exercises and you can exercise anywhere.


Sit-Ups Exercise

Sit Ups ExerciseThis exercise is mainly for our abs. It is the most famous ab exercise and I think there is no human that doesn’t know how this exercise is done. All you need to have is Gravity and a floor.

You start with lying on the floor with your knees slightly folded.

Start lifting your upper torso but only with the help of your abs. Feel the contraction in your abdominal muscles.

Continue until you are in a sited position and then you slowly get back to the lying position.

Do this without any help from your hands.

You can start with doing 10 repetitions in one set and work your way up.