The Process of How Thoughts Create Feelings


They say that if we know how powerful our thoughts are, we will never think a negative thought in our life again.

Why are thoughts so powerful? How could they be so powerful when they are immaterial, just a glimpse of our imagination? Aren’t they something in our own mind having nothing to do with reality?

O boy how wrong you are if you think like this. Thoughts are not just something that has an impact on reality, thoughts create reality. Almost everything around you was once a thought, an idea of someone’s mind. An idea is just a focused thought.


But, How Precisely Thoughts Create Feelings and Reality ?

Electrical ImpulsesThe short answer is thoughts create feelings and feelings set the perspective through which we perceive the world. The long answer explains the process of how thoughts create feelings. I know that you want to read about this staff buddy, that’s why I am going to explain the whole process to you.

Let’s start with a thought. We all know What Is a Thought, right? No? The process of some electrical impulse in our brain stimulating some part of it promoting another electrical impulse and so on. The sequence of electrical impulses is what we call thinking and a thought would be the electrical impulse. Its meaning depends on how your brain is wired and wiring is different in every brain.


Why The Wiring of Your Brain is Important ?

Brain WiringIf you think of a bunny and the same sequence of electrical impulses is put in a different brain, the person would probably be very confused thinking of a killer leaf blower or a peanut butter building. This is because the brain is differently wired than the previous one.

After testing Albert Einstein’s brain, scientists say that it was no bigger than the ordinary brain. In fact, it was as same as the brain of the biggest idiot you know. Everything is in the wiring. Genius is a way of wiring your brain to serve some cause in the most effective way possible according to your surroundings.

Being genius or not, each and every single one of us thinks. Thoughts promote emotions which create feelings and actions, and actions shape our reality one inch at a time. But how do this electrical impulses we call thoughts, know What Emotion Is Appropriate for particular situation?<!– nextpage– >


Do you know what a Paradigm is ?

The ParadigmIn its definition a Paradigm is a pattern of something, in this case thinking. The difference between Brain Wiring and A Paradigm is like the difference between Brain and Mind. If Brain Wiring is the hardware The Paradigm is the software.

Think of it like a program. The information that you perceive is shaped by the program and a meaning is given to it. That’s how a thought is created, that’s what a thought is, an information with a meaning.

Next our Beliefs come into play. Beliefs are opinions without a solid proof which we choose to approve. They are the essence of our Paradigm, the code of our software, a way we choose to rewire our brain. They are the fundaments of our reality because every thought is shaped by them.


 Why are Beliefs so Important ?

BeliefsBeliefs determine what value an information should have, they determine The Meaning Of a Thought. A meaning is linked information with certain emotion through value. So, depending on your beliefs, your thoughts are linked with emotions.

Your beliefs set the rules of your Paradigm. This wires your brain in a particular way so when certain electrical impulses run through it, they run through a particular path stimulating different areas chosen to fit the value of the electrical impulses. The stimulated parts of your brain send information through your body to promote chemicals fitting to the stimulation.

In other words, the Paradigm decides what thoughts will promote what emotions. Emotions promote fitting chemicals we call feelings.


How are Emotions Connected With Our Reality ?

Different PerceptionEmotion, which is short of Energy in Motion, is focused energy which promotes an action and a chemical reaction in your body, a feeling. Feelings make physical changes in your body and change the way your body vibrates.

The chemicals we call feelings make a physical change in our bodies and determine how we perceive the world around us. The perception sets the frame through which we’ll perceive information and generate our next actions. Our actions shape reality, therefore, our thoughts shape reality.

Mind PointsTHE CODE

<Depending on what you believe and how your brain is wired, you create thoughts which stimulate different parts of your brain, those parts send information through your body to create certain chemicals we call feelings>