Simon Sinek TED – Restoring the Human in Humanity


Simon O. Sinek through his 39 years become famous by his motivational speaking and his book Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” (2009). The thing he is most famous for is the theory of being able to motivate anyone only by following the golden ratio of the “Golden Circle”. The thing I have chosen his video for our “Weekly Topic – Introducing SEMP” is because he has some brilliant insights on What Does It Mean To Be A Human. This speech explains a lot of topics that I have written in the SEMP Introduction article. Watch the video, which is 7th most watched video on TED, and you’ll understand something more on being a human. It is focused more on the business world but if try and link his words with everyday life, if you manage to see the metaphor, you’ll understand the wisdom of his speech.

Life’s Code Of Happiness 😀