3 Easy Steps to Take Back Your Personal Power


By Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive

As a healthcare provider for over 40 years, I have seen first hand how people give their power of decision making regarding their health and wellness to something outside of themselves, in this case the healthcare system.

I know that this extends beyond the healthcare industry to every situation where a person needs to make a choice.

It seems it is easier to have someone or something on the outside of ourselves to make a choice for us, instead of checking in with ourselves to get the correct, aligned, and perfect choice for us.

It also takes away from our personal responsibility to ourselves, by allowing someone or something else to make decisions that may not be in our best interests.

We have witnessed this recently, where the government or society makes choices for the greater good and enforces that you abide by these demands.

Sometimes our internal wisdom is saying something counter to what is being presented.

It is our right as a sovereign being to have free will and to make choices for ourselves no matter if they are in alignment with what the external world is demanding or not.

Choose for yourself!

Too often people follow the external voice.

They are considered obedient, loyal, and or following the herd.

Too often it may be too difficult to stick up for yourself and easier to give in and go along with the others.

Too often people feel guilty, shamed, or even bullied by the external, and feel powerless to have a voice or trust their inner wisdom or intuition.

In truth, you have access to all your inner wisdom.

It is a wealth of information, that can guide and lead you on your path, if you so choose to listen to it.

We are all intuitive beings, however some choose to ignore it, not listen to it, and even forget that we all have power, if we choose to hear it and honor it, no matter what.

For your health and wellbeing, you have access to your own inner physician, the innate wisdom you carry in your body, mind, and soul. Unfortunately, you rarely tap into this advice and by default take the advice of something or someone outside of you to help make your decisions, particularly the ones about your health and wellbeing.

Though this is subtle, this is an example of giving your power away to something outside of yourself.

Another example maybe having a feeling that you shouldn’t do something, but you ignore it and do it anyway, and then live to regret your decision.

This is how you are not listening to your inner wisdom and giving your power away to something outside of yourself.

3 Steps to Take Your Power Back:


Now that you are aware of what is happening, you have a choice as to what you want to create for yourself.

Here are Three steps to take back your personal power:

1. Take Inventory.

Where in your life do you give your power away? Maybe with your health, relationships, or something else? Have you ever had those inner wisdom moments or intuitive hits where you decided no to trust that knowledge, chose something different and lived to regret it?

2. Quiet your mind.

Learn to be in your body, feel, and experience the present moment.

Step out into nature, listen to relaxing instrumental music, or music of high hertz frequency, or maybe listen to a guided meditation to ground yourself into your body.

3. Listen for your inner wisdom and trust it.

Connect with your inner wisdom, that voice with in which allows you to access your body, mind, and soul needs.

The first thing you feel, hear, and or sense is usually the right response.

We often talk ourselves out of it, rationalize, or justify ourselves as to why this is not so or the right response for us.

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