10 Ways How to Stay Fit and Healthy this Winter


As the winter approaches, everyone works on making prompt adjustments to get settled into the new season.

You might dislike the harsh climate or love the snow and the merriments the season brings.

But one common thing is the desire to stay healthy and not let yourself go during these lazy months

10 Ways to Stay Healthy this Winter:


The cold weather gives you an excuse to stay indoors, wrap yourself up in a fleece throw, sit by the fireplace, and enjoy the freshly baked batch of warm cookies with a cup of coffee.

This presents a wonderful picture, and you will likely succumb to its lure too.

While enjoying a cozy night is fine, you must ensure your health gets the attention it needs.

Here are ten tips you can incorporate into your daily winter routine to stay fit and healthy.

1. Don’t turn to addictive beverages.

Winter brings shorter days, less activity, and a decrease in sun exposure, which impacts your motivation and mood.

Moreover, you find yourself turning to beverages like alcohol to spend your cold nights comfortably.

However, several studies over the years have shown alcohol may seem like an ideal winter beverage because it makes you feel warm, but it actually lowers your core body temperature, irrespective of the outside weather, and makes you more susceptible to hypothermia.

In addition, it affects your productivity and often becomes the cause of addiction.

To avoid spiraling downward this winter, do not depend too much on alcohol.

If you need a detox, you can visit a rehab center for the service.

Our team member had a problem last winter and decided to do go to a rehab center.

He says it helped him tremendously to improve his mindset and mood. He highly suggests getting help if you feel like you need it.

If you need help like him, you can visit www.delphihealthgroup.com for more information and to improve your mindset over time rather than merely providing a temporary fix.

2. Maintain a healthy diet.

A healthy diet is, without a doubt, the most important way to stay fit and well throughout the winter season.

Try to maintain your nutrition levels and keep up with your body’s needs.

Make fruits and vegetables an essential part of your daily diet.

Head over to the local farmer’s market to obtain fresh seasonal produce.

At the same time, try to get an appropriate amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in your body to give you the energy you need to stay active.

A healthy mind and a healthy body mean a secure immune system, which will ensure your protection against viruses that an unhealthy body is more likely to contract.

As an addition, learn about the best herbs that will help you maintain your health in winter.

3. Stay active.

Besides eating well, staying active is paramount to maintaining healthy body weight.

A chilly winter reduces productivity and motivation significantly, making returning to an active lifestyle challenging if not addressed promptly.

A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) examined the phenomenon of winter weight gain, and the results showed an average net gain of 2.22 kg.

Working up a sweat every now and then will give you the energy boost you need to get through the day.

So, put on your jacket and go for an early morning jog.

If the weather is too cold outside, you can also visit the gym that has a heater.

4. Ensure that you receive enough vitamin D.

Most people struggle with receiving adequate sun exposure in the winter.

This lack of sunlight corresponds directly to the Vitamin D levels in the body.

Keep your vitamin D levels in check by spending at least one hour outdoors on clear sunny days.

On rainy days when that is not an option, try to include other sources of Vit D in your diet.

These include fatty fish like tuna, salmon, sardines, and mackerel.

Other dietary sources rich in Vit D are egg yolks, cheese, and beef liver.

It is also possible to find products with artificially added nutrients, such as orange juice, dairy, and plant milk enriched with vitamin D.

5. Maintain good hygiene.

In a season when germs spread easily and the immune system usually already has its guard down, it is necessary to maintain good personal hygiene.

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

When you are out for the day and lack access to a washroom, carry a sanitizer with you.

Ensure that it is certified by your national or local health board to confirm that it is by WHO guidelines.

6. Talk to your doctor.

You can take all necessary care of your hygiene, consume a well rounded diet, and cover all bases at your end, but sometimes a tough bacterium or virus still makes its way past your protective barrier.

And winter colds are not something to take lightly either.

It is worth visiting your doctor to check your health even if you feel healthy to avoid ending up in such a situation where catch a cold because of lack of nutrients or vitamins.

7. Do not hesitate to layer up.

With the temperatures dropping by multitudes, do not be shy to layer up in warm sweaters and jackets.

Dress smartly and avoid wearing short dresses to the New Year’s Eve party.

Instead, opt for something cozier.

A moment of not being properly covered up in the freezing temperature may cause you to suffer for weeks with a cold.

So ensure to include woolen and other thermo regulating materials in your winter wardrobe.

8. Consume warm fluids.

A healthy body temperature ensures the immune system’s vitality and maximum function.

A cup of tea, a cup of coffee, and a bowl of soup are exactly what you need.

The caffeine in tea and coffee will also help you wake up on a gloomy winter morning.

9. Moisturize your skin.

The chilly winter months can be unforgiving to the skin.

Effects can range from dry and chapped lips to itchy and hyper pigmented skin.

To stay healthy through the winter, you should invest in a good moisturizer.

Purchase a lip balm that hydrates your lips to prevent them from drying out.

10. Get adequate sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night for a healthy adult.

Fortunately, this practice is easier in the winter than in the rest of the year.

Set a fixed time for yourself to get used to, to snuggle up in your blanket, and drift into a peaceful sleep.

It gets easier once you are used to the routine.

But be careful not to give in when the warmth of your bed is too difficult to part with the next morning.

What you should remember?

Winter does not treat everyone equally.

Some have the resources to cope with the harsh conditions, while others are left at the universe’s mercy.

So try to include the simple tips discussed here in your routine.

Making small yet effective changes can help you enjoy any season.

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